aamc 11

  1. The presence of electrons on the left side indicates that the molecule is reduced. The electron on the right side is an oxidation. Reduction occurs in cathode, oxidation occurs in the anode.
  2. Ammonia has a lone pair of electrons, it is able to act as an electron pair donor in aqueous solution. it is a pyramidal molecule.
  3. The higher the bond energy, the shorter the bond.
  4. The correct order of energy conversions starts with the battery (chemical), which creates an electric current in a resistive circuit. The current creates thermal energy in the resistors.
  5. The substance with the greatest temperature increase for a given amount of added energy will be the one with the smallest specific heat.
  6. Unit of Young's modulus is in Pascals.
  7. Most ionic compounds with strong ionic bonding have higher melting points than covalently bonded compounds of similar molecular weights and electrical conductance when dissolved in water.
  8. E(cell) positive means its spontaneous
  9. Period is T = 2pi/w. w = v/r
  10. Centripetal acceleration is closest to the acceleration of gravity when the velocity is greatest.
  11. Artificial gravity is created in the rotating space station becuase the rotation causes the direction a person is moving in space.
  12. Ionization refer to the loss of an electron to form a cation. this process is always endothermic and thus energy must be supplied as a reactant.
  13. RBCs do not have DNA
  14. Adenine and Thymine has a bond between the phosphate of the adenine and the sugar of the thymine.
  15. the centrosome is the organelle that serves as the main cellular center in metazoans at which microtubules are nucleated and organized.
  16. Decreased blood osmolality leads to increase hydration
  17. The DNA template of the human genome is transcribed into RNA using a DNA-dependent RNA polymerase.
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