1. Sid: Now Gladys
    cut it out. It’s going to be alright now you..
    Gladys: You’ve got to stop him.
    Sid: I’ll fix that baby..
    • I hope this call turns out to be important.
    • What’s going on here?
    • Now look! Look! That’s not nice.
    • I don’t like this.
    • This is company property.
  2. Sid: I’d better explain Mr Hasler.
    I think someone better.
  3. Gladys: Look out!
    • What the hell!
    • They’re trying to murder me!
  4. Sid: I’ll stop that.
    Call Senator Hickenlooper.
  5. Gladys: Yes sir.
    It’s a plot to murder me.

    They’ve imported gangsters from Chicago!
  6. Gladys: I don’t think so Me Hasler.
    Don’t argue with me!

    Didn’t you see those knives!

    That’s the work of foreigners!
  7. Gladys: But Mr Hasler.
    Its Chicago gangsters.
  8. Gladys: Mr Hasler its..
    What’s that? They’re marching.
  9. Gladys: No it’s the Union Rally. They’re going to have a parade.
    • Hines, where have you been?
    • On the job man.
    • The place is full of gangsters.
    • They’re out to
    • get me.
  10. Sid: They’re not after you Mr hasler. They’re after me.
    • Talk, talk.
    • Why doesn’t someone do something.
  11. Sid: You don’t want them to arrest Hines do you?
  12. Sid: He was trying to kill me.
    • Hines,
    • suppose you’d succeeded
    • and me right in the middle of labour troubles.
    • Suppose you’d hit him.
  13. Hines: I could hit him if I WANTED TO. I WAS
    • Is this what you called me about?
    • To come here and risk my life.

  14. Sid: No.
    • I don’t want to be involved
    • in these personal matters.
  15. Sid: I called you becse there is going to be a
    strike this morning unless you listen to me
    I told you I’m a fighter.
  16. Sid: So am I.
  17. Sid: Gladys, have this head patched up.
    Gladys: All right Vernon.
    Hines: Take your hands off me- I’m a FIGHTER I AM.
    Gladys: Come on tiger.
    Sid: Me Hasler. I’m going before the Board of Directors.
    You are what?
  18. Sid: If I can’t solve this any other way.
    Solve what. Sometimes I think..
  19. Sid: I’ve been up all night with the ledger.
    What did you say?
  20. Sid: I apologies. I know you didn’t hire me as a
    safe-cracker, but I had to get some facts. I’ve been through your books.
    you mean to say..?
  21. Sid: Seven and a half cents was added to the cost six months ago.
    • I can put you in jail.
    • That’s what I can do.
    • Put you in jail.
  22. Sid: No you can’t.
    But you can give that rise. If you don’t I’ll go before the Board and tell them
    the situation and tell them how many orders have been lost.
    Not one dame order.
  23. Sid: Read your mail. There’s a dozen cancellations. Mabel’s tried all day to tell you about Mark and Klein. And if this operation folds up I fold with it. And I don’t want to, so do me a favour.
    Sit down and talk to me.
    Hasler sits down.
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