CH 7 Quiz

  1. If a thyroid tumor secreted an excessive amount of calcitonin, we would expect
    an elevated level of osteoblast activity
  2. Hemopoiesis typically occurs in
    the red bone marrow.
  3. Osteoblasts deposit more bone matrix in response to all of the following factors except
    parathyroid hormone
  4. The cells primarily responsible for the breakdown of bone are
  5. The protein fibers of the bone matrix are composed of
  6. Appositional growth of a long bone has the effect of
    increasing the diameter of the bone
  7. Osteogenic cells give rise to osteoblasts, but ___ arise from monocytes of the blood
  8. Osteocytes in the outer lamellae of an osteon transport their wastes to the bloodstream for removal via
  9. The ___ forms by endochondral ossification.
  10. In the development of the skeleton, what typically occurs around the ages of 18 to 21?
    the epiphyseal plates close
  11. One thing calcitriol does that parathyroid hormone does not is
    stimulate the small intestine to absorb more phosphate
  12. The skeletal system performs all of the following functions except
    regulation of body temperature.
  13. Hydroxyapatite is best described as
    calcium phosphate crystals in the bone matrix
  14. Bones that serve as levers and are moved by skeletal muscle to produce movement are termed
    long bones
  15. The cavity in the diaphysis of long bones is called the ______ cavity and commonly contains ______ marrow.
    medullary; yellow
  16. This layer makes up 25% of the skeleton by weight and helps protect the soft tissues like the brain from trauma.
  17. The periosteum is a connective tissue sheath which lines the _____ of bones and fuses with bones by way of _____ fibers.
    outer surface; perforating
  18. Which one of the following bone cells would have the greatest number of lysosomes
  19. When bone is stressed on one side, it usually bends slightly on the other side and does not fracture. This is due to tensile strength caused by
    collagenous fibers
  20. Bones of the skull and clavicle develop by
    intramembranous ossification
  21. In endochondral ossification, the model or template on which the bone forms
    hyaline cartilage
  22. In the zone of bone deposition, _____ cells rapidly invade the calcified matrix and lay down bone. Then ______ cells erode the spongy bone to form the marrow cavity
    osteoblast; osteoclast
  23. The use of anabolic steroids by adolescent boys will
    decrease the growth of bone by prematurely closing the epiphyseal plate
  24. A loss of bone mass, especially spongy bone, is usually a result of lack of exercise or deficiency of estrogen after menopause. This disorder is called
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