Exploration Flash cards part 1

  1. Name motives for the European exploration
    • Crusades-interest in new products
    • Renasissance-curiosity about other lands
    • Wealth-spices, gold, silver, and silk.
    • Muslims had monopoly on land routes
    • fame
    • advance technology
  2. He was the prince of portugal, opened a school, and funded explorations.
    Prince Henry the navigator
  3. What is the tip of Africa called?
    Cape of Good Hope
  4. Discovered the cape of good hope, and proved Asia could be reached by sailing around Africa.
    Bartolomeu Dias, 1488
  5. Successfully reached india by sailing around Africa (took 300 days)
    Vasco de Gama, 1498
  6. Name Christopher Columbus's 3 ships
    • Niña
    • Pinta
    • Santa maria
  7. Christofo Colon
    Christopher Columbus
  8. When did Christopher Columbus reach the new land?
  9. Who funded Christopher Columbus voyage?
    King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
  10. Christopher Columbus believed he arrived where?
    The Indies
  11. America is named after him, and he proved Christopher Columbus reached a new land.
    Amerigo Vespuccii, 1499-1501
  12. He landed in St. Augustine, searched for the fountain of youth, and named Florida "full of flowers"
    Ponce de Leon, 1513
  13. He is credited for being the first to circumnavigate the world, even though he died before he fully did it.
    Ferdinand Magellan, 1519-1522
  14. What did Ferdinand Magellan voyage proved?
    • World was round
    • World bigger than what people expected
    • All the oceans were connected
  15. How many people survived Magellans voyage?
  16. Who was the spanish conquistador that defeated the Inca?
    Franscisco Pizarro
  17. In what year did Pizarro defeat the Inca?
  18. Smallpox killed many indians. What percent of the Aztecs and Inca died from it?
    • Aztec:75%
    • Inca:95%
  19. The emporer of the Incas was?
  20. Who was the Aztecs emporer?
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