THS 503E Theology III Exam I

  1. Define Gifts
    A divine endowment of a special ability for service upon each member of the body of Christ.
  2. Define Prophecy
    The Spirit empowered proclamation of the Word of God that presses deep into the hearts of people, enabling them to see their lives and circumstances in light of God's promises, priorities and purposes.
  3. Define Baptism
    The Holy Spirit comes to indwell every person at conversion, uniting them to the body of Christ, beginning the work of assurance, gifting, fruit bearing.
  4. Define Filling
    Subsequent to the initial baptism, there is the continual experience of the filling of the Spirit, which is a work of empowerment for transformation and service.
  5. Pentecostal
    • Baptism of the Holy Spirit (2nd or 3rd work of God)
    • evidenced by speaking in tongues
    • empowerment for service
    • All gifts are a normal part of Church life
    • Proclaim gospel to the world
  6. Charismatic
    • Baptism of the Holy Spirit (2nd work of God)
    • evidenced in release of gifts, not just speaking in tongues
    • empowerment for service
    • Tongues as a prayer language
    • All gifts are a normal part of Church life
    • Church renewed
  7. State and Defend--Spirit Baptism
    At conversion the Holy Spirit indwells and seals believers, thereby uniting believers to the body of Christ. This is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit and is a one time event, that happens, for all believers, at conversion.

    • Defend
    • Ezk 36:27
    • Eph. 1:13-14
    • Eph. 4:7
    • 1 Cor 12:13

    • Question
    • What about Acts 2, 8, 19 where it indicates that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is evidenced in the speaking of tongues?

    • Everybody can't have the same gifts
    • Acts is a transitional book--don't see the delay after Acts.
    • It was used to verify the inclusion of a new group of people

    • Acts 2--indicates receiving the promise of the OT and speaks of filling
    • Acts 8--to demonstrate to the Jews that the Samaritans were actually saved. (same as Gentiles in 10:44-48)
    • Acts 19--to show inclusion into the church
  8. State and Defend--Spiritual Gifts
    A spiritual gift is a God-given ability for service. The Holy Spirit gives all believers at least one gift and empowers them to use the gift for the benefit of the church body and for God's glory. The Holy Spirit does not give everybody the same gift, nor are we given an exhaustive list of all the gifts. The sign gifts were temporary. They were used to authenticate the apostles ministry and message, and establish the foundation of the church.

    Defend gifts

    • 1 Cor 12
    • Rom 12
    • Eph 4
    • 1 Pet 4
    • Ex 36:1

    • Sign gifts
    • 2 Cor 12:11-12
    • Heb 2:3-4
    • Eph 2:19-22
    • 1 Cor 13:8-13

    Question: What about natural talents?
  9. Article--Bredesen, Empowerment by the Spirit
    Trying to differentiate between the baptism of the HS and the baptism of JC

    We need JC to baptize us with the HS. Subsequent tongues enable me to receive further gifts

    [Wrongly connects tongues to baptism--not everybody has the same gifts]
  10. Article--Burgess, Baptism of the Holy Spirit
    Speaking to the Baptism of the HS (baptism and filling are the same)

    They separate baptism into the body of Christ and baptism in the Holy Spirit (which happens after conversion)

    Have to look at Acts to understand Baptism of HS (which is for power)

    [Acts is a transitional book, we are not allowed to ignore the rest of Scripture]
  11. Article--Zoba, Father, Son, and...
    Gorden Fee says that the church has misunderstood the person and work of the HS

    • Both charismatics and non-charismatics mess up
    • non-charismatics wrongly focus on fruit from selves and not HS
    • charismatics wrongly focus on individual experiences
    • The Spirit, if invited, should transform worship
    • should be lively participation, spontaneity, and impulse of the Spirit
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