Psychology Test #2

  1. what is sensation?
    the process of the creation of a nerve impulse (via environmental stimulation), and the transportation of that impulse into the CNS
  2. where does sensation occur?
    through all 5 senses
  3. what is perception?
    the brain's interpretation of a sensation
  4. what is the purpose of perception & what are some example perception?
    • it gives a quality to the incoming sensory info
    • ex: bright, pleasant, sweet, smooth
  5. what is a stimulus?
    what must it produce to be a stimulus?
    • any form of (pure) environmental energy which produces a sensation (anything which causes a receptor cell to fire)
    • must produce a sensation
  6. sensory adaptation:
    • becoming so used to a stimulus that it no longer produces a perception
    • the brain has the ability to screen out extraneous info
  7. absolute threshold:
    what happens to this with age?
    • the point at which a sensation produces a perception
    • it rises
  8. subliminal perception:
    the brain's ability to detect/ register stimuli that are presented so weakly that they are not perceived consciously
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