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  1. What are the connections of the cornea?
    Cornea - Sclera - dura lining
  2. What are the lining of the eye starting with the cornea moving back and in?
    Cornea - Sclera - Choroid - Retina
  3. What is Miosis? innervatien and muscle?
    • decrease in pupillary size
    • Innervation: Postganglionic PS
    • Muscle: pupillary sphinctor
  4. What is mydriasis? innervation? muscle?
    • dilation of pupil
    • innervation: Postganglionic SS
    • muscle: pupillary dilator muscle
  5. What 3 eye parts make up the Uvea?
    • Iris
    • Ciliary body
    • Choroid
  6. What is Presbyopia?
    Lack of ability to focus on close objects
  7. What muscular changes take place in the eye to see far away items?
    • 1) Ciliary muscles relax
    • 2) suspensory ligaments contract
    • 3) Lens flattens out
  8. What muscular changes take place in the eye to see close items?
    • 1) Ciliary muscles contract
    • 2) Suspensory ligaments relax
    • 3) Lens rounds out
  9. What is the function of horizontal and amacrine cells?
    • horizontal: respond to change
    • amacrine: respond to change in change
  10. What provides blood to the photoreceptors?
    Choroid branches
  11. What causes a detached retina?
    separation of pigment epithelium and photoreceptors
  12. What chemical hyperpolarizes Rods?
  13. What chemical hyperpolarizes cones?
    Cone opsin
  14. On-center bi-polar cells must synapse with on-center ganglion cells
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