pance review

  1. first heart sound is produced by?
    closing of the mitral and tricuspid valve
  2. second heart sound is produced by
    aortic and pulmonic valve
  3. most sensitive test for hypothyroid
  4. microcytic anemia with basophillic stippling is ?
    lead poisoning
  5. periods of deep breathing alt. with periods of no breathing is?
    chyene stokes breathing: heart failure
  6. describe papule
    palable solid lesion sm than .5 cm
  7. 82 y/o female severe ab pain, post prandial,bloody diaherra afebrile hx of HTN and MI?
    mesenteric ischemia
  8. tick bite treatment?
  9. 35 weeks pg positve group b strep when is tx given
    at time of delivery
  10. patinet has severe pain near nose and mouth involved nerve is from which branchial arch?
  11. after MVA pt dies from broken neck from small bony fragment driven into spinal column. Which bone?
  12. elastic connective tissue is located?
    ligament of verterbral col and walls of hollow organs
  13. common sx and smp of opitate withdrawl
    diaherra piloerction rhinorrhea sweating
  14. not a sign of opiate withdrawl
  15. characterics of tetralogy of fallot?
    • rt to left cardiac shunt
    • RVH
    • large nonrestrictive ventrial spetal defect severe rt ventricular outflow obstruction
  16. lab results of myeloid leukiema?
    • pancytopenia
    • circulating blasts
    • Auer Rods
  17. lesion with a greasy stuck on appearence
    seborric keratosis
  18. esophageal achalsia causes
    • dysphagia
    • of solids and liguids
  19. cause of Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever
    Rickettsia rickettsii
  20. menometrorrhagia is?
    excessive or irrengular menstrual bleeding during and between periods
  21. injury to the rt orbit results in entrapment of the inferior rectus muscle in the orbit floor. double vision will occur when?
    When the patient is looking upward
  22. increased lang. output, imcomprehensible unable to comprehend written or verbal language. Where is the lesion located?
    temporal lobe
  23. MOST common cause of hepatic steatosis in industrialzed nation?
  24. 54 y/o male + renal transplant & cyclosporine tx. creat. levels rise
    over the NEXT SIX MONTHS what is the needle bx report show?
    • Intimal fiborosis
    • interstitial fibrosis
    • tubular atrophy
  25. 25 y/o girl + MVA major leg injury loss 600ml of hgb. what would increase in response to hemorrhage?
    sympathetic nerve activity
  26. somogyi effect?
    occurs after an episode of hypoglycemia
  27. pain less bumps in gential region skin colored umbilicated 2 mm papules?
    molluscum contagiosum
  28. Burning epigastric pain AFTER eating ab bloating early satiety wt loss of 8 pounds?
    duodenal ulcer
  29. painless lesion of penis clear base and indurated borders
  30. newborn with fever bulging fontanelle and nuchal ridgidity Which test of the CSF?
    CAMP test
  31. 29 y/o girl with AIDS has blurred vision rt eye sm white opaque lesion in retina Which treatment?
    gancilovir for CMV
  32. nuchal rigidity with headache lumbar puncture shows positve lymphyoctes = viral meningitis. What organism is MOST likely?
  33. sober alcoholics increased sedative requirement is due to what change in the hepatocytes?
    markedly increased smooth endoplasmic reticulum
  34. what diuertic is most likely to cause hyper kalemia?
  35. subclinical hypothyroid is what?
    elevated TSH normal T4 normal free T4
  36. prolonged ppt, normal pt, nml bleeding time, nml fibrinogen levels, nml factor VII antigen levels is what?
    hemophilia A
  37. what condition presents with Cor Pulmonale, edema, severe hypoxia?
    chronic bronchitis
  38. herpes simplex is dx with what lab?
    giant multinucleated ketinocyte on Giemsastained smear
  39. small ulcer on the eye of contact lens wearer is what organism?
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