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  1. What is Melanopsin?
    Photochemical that allows ganglion cells to directly react to light
  2. What do alpha cells react on?
  3. What to Beta cells react on?
  4. Which cells predominate in the peripheral or central retina?
    • Peripheral = alpha
    • Central = Beta
  5. What nucleus controls diurnal rhythms (daily rhythms)?
    Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN)
  6. Which is more medial, the SCN or the Supraoptic nucleus (SON)?
  7. Where do nerve fibers go that bypass synapse in the LGN?
    Superior colliculus (via brachium of SC)
  8. Where do projections from superior colliculus synapse?
    Pulvinar nucleus
  9. What is the function of the pretectal nuclei?
    Pupillary light reflex
  10. What cell provides input for the pretectal nuclei?
    Ganglion cells with Melanopsin
  11. What A's provide the optic chiasm?
    ACA and branches of Ant. Comm. A
  12. What A provides the Optic Tract?
    Anterior Choroid off of MCA/IC
  13. What A provides the Photoreceptors?
    Choroid off of Ophthalmic A
  14. What A supplies blood to the LGN?
    Thalamogeniculate A
  15. What A provides blood to medial radiations and Primary visual cortex?
    calcarine A of PCA
  16. What A provides blood to lateral radiations and Meyer's loop?
    MCA branches
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