Biology Chapter 8 Vocab

  1. The DNA in eukaryotic cells wraps tightly around protiens called....
  2. ....Proteins are generally involved in controlling the activity of specific regions of the DNA.
  3. Each half of a chromosome is called..
  4. The constricted area of each chromatid is called...
  5. ...Are chromosomes that determine the sex of an organism, and they may also carry genes for other characteristics
    Sex Chromosomes
  6. All of the other chromosomes in an organism are called...
  7. The two copies of each autosome are called...
    Homologous Chromosomes
  8. A photomicrograph of the chromosomes in a dividing cell found in a normal human
  9. Cells having two sets of chromosomes are said to be..
  10. Human sperm cells and egg cells are..
    Haploid cells
  11. ...Is the division of a prokaryotic cell into two offspring cells
    Binary fission
  12. ..Results in new cells with genetic material that is identical to that of the original cell
  13. ...Reduces the chromosomes number ny half in new cells
  14. ..Is the repeating set of events that make up the life of a cell
    Cell Cycle
  15. The time between cell divisions is called..
  16. During Mitosis, or ....., The nucleus of a cell divides
    M Phase
  17. ...Is the division of a cytoplasm of the cell
  18. First stage of interphase where offspring cells grow to mature size is called..
    G1 Phase
  19. After cells have reached a mature size, they typically proceed into the next phase of interphase where the cell's DNA is copied, called...
    S Phase
  20. ...Represents the time gap following DNA synthesis and preceding cell division
    G2 Phase
  21. Cells can also exit the cell cyle and enter into a state called...
    G0 Phase
  22. ...Is the first phase of mitosis
  23. Two pairs of dark spots
  24. In animal cells, each centrosome contains a pair of small, cylindrical bodies called...
  25. ...Made of microtubules radiate from the centrosomes in preparation for mitosis
    Spindle Fibers
  26. ..Serves to equally divide the chromatids between the two offspring cells during cells division
    Mitotic Spindle
  27. Disk shaped protein
  28. ... Extend from the kinetochore of each chromatid to one of the centrosomes
    Kinetochore Fibers
  29. ...Extend across the dividing cell from centrosome to centrosome
    Polar Fibers
  30. Second phase of Mitosis
  31. During...., the chromatids of each chromosome seperate at the centromere and slowly move, centromere first, toward opposite poles of the dividing cell.
  32. Fourth phase of mitosis
  33. The area of the cell membrane that pinches in and eventually seperates the dividing cell into two cells in called...
    Cleavage Furrow
  34. In plant cells, vesicles formed by the Golgi apparatus fuse at the midline of the dividing cell, forming a membrane- bound cell wall called...
    Cell Plate
  35. Meiosis produces haplois reproductive cells, called...
  36. The pairing of homologous chromosomes, which does not occur in mitosis, is called..
  37. Each pair of homologous chromosomes is called...
  38. Portions of chromatids may break off and attach to adjacent chromatids on the homologous chromosome- a process called..
    Crossing- Over
  39. Crossing- over results in...
    Genetic Recombination
  40. The random seperation of the homologous chormosomes is called..
    Independent Assortment
  41. In the development of sperm cells, a diploid reproductive cell divides melotically to form four haploid cells called..
  42. Production of sperm cells called..
  43. ... Is the production of mature egg cells, or ova
  44. The three other products of meiosis
    Polar Bodies
  45. .. Is the production of offspring from one parent
    Asexual Reproduction
  46. .. Is the production of offspring through meiosis and the union of a sperm and an egg
    Sexual Reproduction
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