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  1. Continental Shelf Definition
    the submerged offshore seabed and subsoil that constitutes the natural prolongation of the coastal state, but outside the territorial sea.

    or 200nm from the baseline. Art 76
  2. Hurst Theory
    The coastal state could acquire the rights to the seabed if it occupied it for a long time.
  3. What resources are exploited in the continental shelf?
    sedentary fisheries and other mineral resources. @298
  4. Who issued a Continental Shelf Proclomation in 1945?
    President Truman
  5. What did the Continental Shelf Proclomation say?
    The US has jurisdiction over the Continental shelf contiguous to the coastline.
  6. What did the ICJ say about this proclamation?
    It was the beginning of a recognized legal regime establishing the rights of the coastal state to the EEZ. @298
  7. What is the Irish Formula?
    1) a line no more than 60nm from the foot of the continental slope

    2) a line drawn by reference points at which the thickness of sediments is at least one percent of the shortest distance to the foot of the continental slope.
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    the pic
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