F m&a exam

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    • Hassan
    • Modern 1900- present
    • -artists felt to move away from the physical world as we
    • know it, into worlds of their own imaginations and of ours.
    • -The bold designs of the flags and the strong lines of the architecture well complement each other. So that the sky could compete with these vigorous shapes and assertive colors, Hassam applied vivid aqua blue in upright streaks that march across the air, much like the pedestrians who stroll in the street below.
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    • Theibuad
    • Modern 1900- present
    • artist felt to move away from physical world as know into worlds of their own imagingations of ours
    • uses heavy pigment and exaggerated colors to depict his subjects, and the well-defined shadows characteristic of advertisements are almost always included in his work.
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    • Derain
    • Modern 1900 - Present
    • The shapes of objects in the paintings were
    • recognizable, but looked strange and twisted to viewers’ eyes.
    • Fauvism,
    • from a French word for wild beasts.
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    • Vuillard
    • Modern 1900-present
  5. "Afternoon of the Fawn"
    • Debussy
    • French composer and critic
    • assocaited with the contemporary impressionist movement in painting
    • to give pleasure
  6. "Dead Princess"
    • Ravel
    • turn off the 20th centurt
    • musical impressionism and both had an an intrest in the exotic
    • almost neoclassical
  7. Cello Concerto #1
  8. Trish Tratch Polka
    • Strauss
    • German Composer and conducter
    • wrote every genre
    • know for his tone poems and operas
    • used the freedoms of miscial pictorialism to create sounds
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