Flash CS5 Unit H

  1. Integration
    The process of combining suite components into Flash and incorporating Flash animations into Web pages.
  2. Adobe Fireworks
    An adobe CS5 program you use to create and edit bitmaps and vector images as well as create Web page prototypes.
  3. Adobe Illustrator
    An Adobe CS5 program you use to design and edit vector graphics.
  4. Adobe Photoshop
    An adobe CS5 program you use to create bitmap images in which you can manipulate practically every aspect of their appearance.
  5. Adobe Dreamweaver
    An adobe CS5 program you use to create Web pages in HTML format.
  6. Adobe Flash Catalyst
    An Adobe CS5 design tool for combining interactive content from other programs without entering code.
  7. Roundtrip Editing
    Adobe CS5 Creative Suite feature that lets you select a file you’ve inserted in one application, edit that file in its native program environment, and then seamlessly returning to the open application to view the edited object.
  8. Flattened Bitmap
    A bitmap image whose layers are compressed into a single layer.
  9. Page
    A feature in Fireworks that stores some or all the layers in a document.
  10. Intellectual Property
    An idea or creation from a human mind that also has the potential for commercial value; the areas of law that govern creative expressions of ideas.
  11. Copyright
    A form of legal protection for authors of original works to control its use.
  12. Author
    The creator and owner of a copyrighted work.
  13. Purpose
    The purpose of copyrigth law is to balance the interests of authors with the interests of the pbulic. Copyright law gives authors a monopoly on their work for a set amount of time, but the law also dissolves that monopoly by eventually allowing the work to be accessed by the public, which presumably would build up and improve the work for the progession of society.
  14. Start And Duration
    A work acquires a copyright protection as soon as you create it.
  15. Your Rights
    Copyright law protects yor work by giving you the right to repoduce a work, create a new work based on the original, distribute copies, ad perfrom or display a work publicly and digitally.
  16. Derivative Work
    A new work based on an original work.
  17. Public Domain
    Works no longer protected by any form of intellectual property law; you can use public domain works as you wish
  18. Copyright Infringement
    The unauthorized use of one or more rights of a copyright holder.
  19. Fair Use
    A limited exception in copyright law that allows use of copyright material without permission of the copyright holder.
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Flash CS5 Unit H
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