1. wayang kulit
    Indonesian shadow puppet theater
  2. gamelan
    Orchestra of bronze instruments that accompanies wayang kulit theater
  3. Pelog
    Tuning system with seven pitches per octave and differing intervals
  4. slendro
    Tuning system with five pitches per octave and similar size intervals
  5. alus, kasar
    • "refined" and "coarse"
    • Balancing qualities in a person
  6. buka
    short introduction to Javanese gamelon
  7. saron
    • Thick-keyed metallophone with box resonator
    • Played with single mallet and damped with other hand
  8. slentem
    bass member of the gender family
  9. gender
    family of thin-keyed metallophones with tube resonators
  10. bonang
    sets of horizontal bronze kettle-gongs
  11. rebab
    two-string spike fiddle
  12. gambang
    woodenxylophone with box resonator
  13. celempung
    large plucked zither
  14. suling
    end-blown duct flute
  15. kenong
    • set of large horizontal kettle-gongs
    • taller than bonang
  16. kempul
    small hanging gongs
  17. gong ageng
    large vertical gong
  18. kendang
    set of two double headed drums
  19. lagu
    a central melody in gamelan compositions that is never explicitly heard
  20. balungan
    core melody that dominates gamelan compositions
  21. kembangan
    melodies with more notes per beat than balungan
  22. cengkok
    known patterns that kembangan musicians play variations on
  23. patet
    • Mode in gamelan music
    • Heirarchy of stressed and unstressed tones and characteristic motives
  24. colotamic structure
    regular punctuation of the composition by gong strokes playing in cycles
  25. gongan
    large phrase defined by duration between gong notes
  26. rhythmic density
    notes played per beat
  27. irama
    relationships between rhythmic densities of instruments
  28. Kepatihan
    Melodic notation in which numbers represent pitches
  29. Ladrang Pangkur
    Javanese gamelan piece
  30. kebyar
    Style of Balinese gamelan
  31. gamelan gong kebyar
    • Most popular style of Balinese gamelan
    • Accompanies dances and ceremonies
  32. ugal
    lead metallophone player
  33. pokok
    slow moving core melody
  34. gangsa
    metallophones that play fast figuration
  35. reyong
    • set of kettle gongs on a frame
    • interlocking parts played by four players
  36. suling
    vertical flute that plays melody in soft sections of Balinese gamelan
  37. kendang
    drums that lead Balinese gamelan
  38. kempli
    single kettle gong that keeps the beat
  39. ceng-ceng
    cymbals that reinforce drum patterns
  40. topeng
    mask dance accompanied by gamelan gong kebyar
  41. tabuh
    ostinatos that accompany topeng dancing
  42. angsel
    bold dance movement that cues the drummer to signal the gamelan to move to the next section
  43. kecak
    Balinese musical form of shouting, chanting, and singing men
  44. kotekan
    kebyar technique with fast interlocking parts
  45. barong
    dance associated with mythical dragon-like protector
  46. Gending Pengalang Bebarongan
    Balinese kebyar piece
  47. kroncong
    popular genre featuring plucked string instruments
  48. dangdut
    popular genre with distinctive rhythmic emphasis
  49. gambang kromong
    hybrid genre integrating gambang, gongs, kendang, rebab, and double reeds
  50. jaipongan
    • West Javanese style including gamelan instruments
    • Uses cyclic gong forms and gamelan tunings
  51. I Wayan Balawan
    Balinese electric guitarist
  52. Lou Harrison
    American composer that wrote gamelan works
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