1. Zen Buddhism
    Japanese sect of Buddhism
  2. ma
    • Necessary emptiness within a space
    • Characteristic of Japanese art
  3. Shinto
    • Indigenous religion of Japan
    • Prayer and ritual associated with ancient music
  4. kagura
    Shinto music
  5. hayashi
    Small folk ensembles with flutes and drums
  6. takebue
    Transverse flute
  7. taiko
    • Shallow drum
    • Plays syncopated rhythms
  8. o-daiko
    Large barrel drum with riveted heads
  9. taiko drumming
    Drumming ensembles with choreographed movements
  10. shomyo
    Chants of Buddhist monks
  11. densho
    Large cylindrical bell that announces a Buddhist service
  12. choshi
    Japanese modes
  13. in
    pentatonic mode that includes two semitones
  14. Gagaku
    Ancient orchestral court of Japan
  15. bugaku
    dances that accompany gagaku
  16. sho
    • single reed pipes connected to an air chamber
    • similar to Chinese sheng
    • can play cords
  17. hichiriki
    small cylindrical-bore double reed
  18. ryuteki
    transverse bamboo flute
  19. biwa
    • four-string, fretted pear-shaped lute
    • similar to Chinese pipa
  20. kakko
    • small double-headed cylindrical drum
    • conductor of gagaku orchestra
  21. tsuri-diako
    large hanging bass drum
  22. shoko
    hanging metal disc struck with metal mallets
  23. Etenraku, Nokorigaku Sanben
    Gagaku orchestral song
  24. shamisen
    • fretless long-necked lute
    • similar to Chinese sanxian
  25. bunraku
    puppet theater
  26. sankyoku
    chamber ensemble with shamisen, koto, and shakuhachi
  27. shakuhachi
    vertical bamboo flute
  28. komuso
    Buddhist monks that play shakuhachi
  29. hankyoku
    classical repertory for the shakuhachi
  30. shinkyoku
    new compositions for the shakuhachi
  31. Daiwa gaku
    Shakuhachi song
  32. koto
    • Japanese zither
    • Part of the gagaku court orchestra
    • Related to Chinese zheng
  33. kumiuta
    Songs featuring female singer with koto accompaniment
  34. dan
    • Phrase length of kumita poems
    • Allows music to develop and vary slowly
  35. Rokudan no shirabe
    Koto song
  36. noh
    • Classical theater style of Japan
    • Highly refined and stylized
  37. hayashi
    • Musical ensemble that accompanies noh theater
    • Features nohkan flute and three small drums
  38. kabuki
    • Classical theater style of Japan
    • Less rigid and unchanging that noh theater
  39. debayashi
    • Core ensemble of kabuki theater
    • Features shamisen players and male singers
  40. shitakata
    noh ensemble used in kabuki theater
  41. gidayu
    narrator and shamisen player in kabuki theater
  42. geza
    sound effects for kabuki theater, mostly percussion
  43. Toru Takemitsu
    Japanese film music composer
  44. Enka
    Sentimental song about lost love or nostalgia
  45. J-pop
    Japanese popular music similar to Western music
  46. noise-core
    electronic genre featuring recordings of industrial noise
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