Blood, Lymph, Immune Systems

  1. adenoidectomy
    removal of the adenoids
  2. agranulocyte
    nongranular cell
  3. allergen
    an antigen that causes an allergic reaction
  4. allergy
    hypersensitivity to a common substance in the environment or to a medication
  5. anaphylactic shock
    life-threatening condition resulting in a severe allergic reaction
  6. anemia
    reduction in the number of red blood cells or the amount of hemoglobin in blood
  7. antibody
    protein material produced in the body as a response to the invasion of a foreign substance
  8. anticoagulant
    substance that prevents blood clot formation
  9. antigen
    substance that is capable of inducing formation of an antibody
  10. autoimmune disease
    a disease resulting from the body’s immune system attacking its own cells as if they were pathogens
  11. autologous blood
    patient’s own blood stored in anticipation of transfusion
  12. axillary
  13. coagulate
    to convert from a liquid to a gel or solid
  14. erythrocyte
    red blood cell
  15. erythrocytosis
    too many red cells
  16. erythropenia
    too few red cells
  17. granulocyte
    granular cell
  18. hematoma
    collection of blood under the skin
  19. hematopoiesis
    the process of forming blood
  20. hemoglobin
    iron-containing pigment of red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissue
  21. hemolysis
    destruction of blood
  22. hemorrhage
    rapid flow of blood
  23. hemostasis
    to stop or control bleeding
  24. immunity
    the body’s ability to defend itself against pathogens
  25. immunocompromised
    having an immune system that is unable to respond properly to pathogens
  26. inflammation
    the tissues response to injury from pathogens or physical agents
  27. inguinal
  28. leukocyte
    white blood cell
  29. leukocytosis
    too many white blood cells
  30. leukopenia
    too few white blood cells
  31. lymph
    clear, transparent, colorless fluid found in lymph vessels
  32. lymph nodes
    small organs in the lymphatic system that filter bacteria and other foreign organisms from the body fluids
  33. lymphadenitis
    inflammation of the lymph nodes
  34. lymphadenopathy
    lymph gland disease
  35. lymphedema
    swelling appearing in the extremities due to an obstruction of the lymph flow through the lymphatic vessels
  36. macrophages
    phagocytic cells that are found in large quantities in the lymph nodes
  37. nosocomial infection
    an infection acquired as a result of hospital exposure
  38. packed cells
    transfusion of only formed elements without plasma
  39. pancytopenia
    too few of all cells
  40. pathogens
    disease producing
  41. pathology
    study of disease
  42. phagocyte
    a cell that has the ability to ingest (eat) and digest bacteria and other foreign particles
  43. phlebotomy
    incision into a vein to withdraw blood
  44. plasma
    the liquid portion of blood
  45. platelets
    clotting cells
  46. septicemia
    having bacteria or their toxins in the blood stream
  47. serum
    clear, sticky fluid that remains after the blood has clotted
  48. splenomegaly
    enlarged spleen
  49. standard precautions
    guidelines recommended by the CDC for reducing the risk of transmission of blood-borne and other pathogens
  50. thrombocytosis
    too many clotting cells
  51. thrombocytopenia
    too few clotting cells
  52. tonsillitis
    inflammation of the tonsils
  53. vaccination
    exposure to a weakened pathogen that stimulates the immune response and antibody production in order to confer protection against the fullblown disease
  54. viruses
    a group of infectious particles that cause disease
  55. whole blood
    mixture of both plasma and formed elements
  56. five types of white blood cells:
    • basophil
    • eosinophil
    • lymphocyte
    • monocyte
    • neutrophil
  57. AIDS
    acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  58. CBC
    complete blood count
  59. Hct
  60. Hgb
  61. HIV
    human immunodeficiency virus
  62. mono
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