1. Hyperglycemia
    greater amount than normal of glucose in the blood
  2. Glycosuria
    abnormal presence of sugar, especially glucose in the urine
  3. Polyuria
    excretion of abnomally large quanity of urine
  4. Polydyspia
    excessive thirst
  5. Polyphagia
    eating to the point of gluttony
  6. Ketoacidosis
    acidosis accompanied by accumulation of ketone bodies
  7. Labile diabetic
    a condition by which your glucose level if difficult to balance... it increase and decrease constantly
  8. Ketonuria
    keytone bodies present in the urine
  9. Acetone
    leads to acetonuria
  10. Pruritis
  11. diplopia
    double vision
  12. hypoglycemia
    lesser amount than normal glucose in the blood
  13. Humalin
    trade name of ily
  14. Onset
    how long it take for the med. to work
  15. Peak
    when most of the insulin is working
  16. Duration
    how long it stays in the body
  17. Sliding Scale
    used to calculate the dose of insulin
  18. Hyperinsulinism
    above normal level of insulin in blood
  19. Atrphy
    wasting away of a body part
  20. Lipodystrophy
    abnormal or degeneration of the body's adipose tissue
  21. Kussmal Resp.
    deep & labored breathing
  22. Nephropathy
    damage to the kidney
  23. Retinopathy
    damage to the retina
  24. Neuropathy
    damage to the nerves
  25. IDDM
    Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
  26. NIDDM
    Non- Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
  27. Age of onset for IDDM
    usually children under the age of 11
  28. Age of onset for NIDDM
    Adult usually over 30
  29. What is the normal glucose level
    • 80 - 110
    • 70 - 110
  30. What is insulin
    A hormone
  31. What is characteristic of normal insulin
  32. What are the three classical symptoms of DKA
    • * Kussmal resp.
    • * Acetone in urine
    • * Fruity breath
  33. What cause lipodystrophy
    • Using the same injection site
    • Injecting cold insulin
  34. How do you test for DKA
    urine test
  35. What are the community resources for diabetic pt
    • American Diabetes Ass.
    • American Diabetic Ass.
    • Hospitals, Clinics
    • Published Diabetic Forecast
  36. What is the pathology behind diabetes
    • pancreas don't produce enough insulin
    • pancreas don't produce enough insulin
  37. What is the cause of keytone bodies
    your body breaking down fat the quickly
  38. Results of lack of insulin
    • Hyperglycemia
    • Glycosuria
    • Ketoacidosis
  39. What can happen if a diabetic exercise too much
    can cause hypoglycemia
  40. What are the visual changes in a diabetic
    • retinopathy
    • blindness
    • diabetic cataract
  41. The definition of diabetes
    Chronic systemic metabolic disorder which involve improper metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein
  42. What is gestational diabetes
    diabetes that come when your pregnant
  43. What are the symptoms of diabetes
    • polyuria
    • polyphagia
    • polydipsia
    • weight loss
    • skin infections
    • yeast infections
    • fatigue
  44. What is insulin secreted by
    pancreas, beta cells
  45. Symptoms of hypoglycemia
    • Pale, cold, clammy skin
    • weak
    • shaking
    • sweating
    • seizures
    • staggering
  46. What is the treatment for hypoglycemia
    • 10 grams of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates
    • 4 oz. of unsweeten orange juice
  47. What will you give to a pt that is hypoglycemic and is unconscious
    Dextrose 50% IV push
  48. What s the needle gauge for insulin
  49. What is the needle length for insulin
    1 1/2- 5/8
  50. What is the needle angle for giving insulin
    • 45 degrees
    • if obese 90 degrees
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