Antibiotics Mechanism and Resistance

  1. Quinolones
    • MOA: Inhibit topoisomerase and dna gyrase
    • Resistance: QnrA (prevent quinolone access to enzyme), AAC (acetylation: inactivation), QepA (efflux pump)
  2. Sulfonamides
    MOA: inhibit folic acid production and create false metabolites
  3. Daptomycin
    • MOA: Binds to Ca and disrupt membrane
    • Resistance: mprF (alter biochemical of organism), VISA (increase cell wall thickness, increase resistance), yycG (histidine inase), rpoC & rpoB (energy shifted from growth to cell wall)
  4. Polymyxin B
    • MOA: Binds Mg & disrupt membrane
    • Resistance: Add sugar
  5. Colistin
    MOA: binds to bacterial cytoplasmic membranes and alter osmotic barrier.
  6. Bacitran
    • MOA: inhibit Flipase
    • Resistance: inducible
  7. Macrolides
    • MOA: inhibit translocation of amino acid (protein biosyntehsis)
    • Resistance: erm (methylation decrease affinity of antibiotic to ribosome), mef (efflux pump), phosphorylation (destroy interaction between antibiotic and ribosome)
  8. Tetracycline
    • MOA: Bind with Mg and block protein synthesis
    • Resistance: efflux pump (Tet(O) kick tetracycline out), ribosomal protective protein (altered target, pick drug out), oxidative enzyme (energy dependent, modify drug)
  9. Tigecycline
    • MOA: inhibit protein translation
    • Resistance: TetX (oxidize H-donor bond and interupt binding activity)
  10. Linezolid
    • MOA: inhibit large and small subunit to come together
    • Resistance: Methylation prevent H-bond with linezolid
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Antibiotics Mechanism and Resistance
Antibiotics Mechanism and Resistance