VSOL 2f 4th Grade

  1. This people study all kinds of material evidence left by people from the past.

    C. ) Archaeologists
  2. This was a large town used by Indian leaders for several hundred years before the English settlers came.

    B. ) Werowocomoco
  3. Werowocomoco was the headquarters of the Indian leader _______________ in 1607.

    D. ) Powhatan
  4. This was the first permenent Englsih settelment in North America.

    1.) Roanoake
    2.) Jamestown
    3.) Richmond
    4.) Savannah
    5.) St. Augustine
    2.) Jamestown
  5. Have archaeologists found the site of teh original Jamestown fort?

    A.) Yes
    B.) No
    B.) Yes
  6. The artifacts recovered from Jamestown do NOT give us clues about the interactions of the English, Africans, and Indians in early Virginia.

    A.) True
    B.) False
    B.) False

    The artifacts DO give us clues about the interactions.
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VSOL 2f 4th Grade
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