AP art vocab 2

  1. Abacus
    the uppermost portion of the capital of a column
  2. Aisle
    portion of a basilica flanking the nave and separated from it by a row of columns or piers
  3. Ambulatory
    covered walkway, outdoors/ indoors, especially passageway around apse and the choir of a church
  4. Apse
    recess, usually semicircular in wall of Roman basilica or at east end of church
  5. Arcade
    series of arches supported by piers or columns
  6. Architrave
    AKA epistyle lintel/ lowest division of the entablature
  7. Archivolt
    continuous molding framing an arch, one of the series of concentric bands framing tympanum in Romanesque or Gothic architecture
  8. Basilica
    Civic building for legal and other civic proceedings, rectangular, entrance usually on long side.
  9. Buttress
    exterior masonry structure that opposes the lateral thrust of an arch or a vault
  10. Calligraphy
    "beautiful writing"
  11. Capital
    uppermost member of a column; serves as transition from shaft to lintel
  12. Cella
    chamber at center of ancient temple, classical temple, the room (Greek, naos) where the cult statue usually stood
  13. Choir
    space reserved for clergy and singers in church
  14. Cire Perdue
    lost-wax process
  15. Clerestory
    fenestrated part of building
  16. Cloisonné
    process of enameling employing cloisons
  17. Cloister
    monastery courtyard, usually with covered walks or ambulatories along its sides
  18. Column
    vertical, weight-carrying architectural member, circular in cross-section, consisting of a base
  19. Contrapposto
    "weight shift"
  20. Cornice
    projecting, crowning member of entablature framing the pediment
  21. Cruciform
    cross shaped
  22. Cyclopean Masonry
    method of stone construction; massive, irregular blocks without mortar
  23. Diptych
    two-paneled painting or alterpiece
  24. Dromos
    entrance-way to a building; passage to a beehive tomb (tholos)
  25. Echinus
    convex element of a capital, directly below abacus
  26. Embrasure
    splayed opening in wall that frames doorway or window
  27. Entablature
    part of building above columns, below roof, three parts; architrave/ epistyle, frieze, and pediment
  28. Fibula
    pin used to fasten fabric at shoulder of togas
  29. Foreshortening
    use of perspective to represent object that extends back in space at angle to perpendicular plane
  30. Forum
    public square of ancient Roman city
  31. Frieze
    part of entablature between architrave and cornice
  32. Horror Vacui
    "fear of empty space"
  33. Icon
    portrait or image
  34. Illumination
    decoration (gold, silver, bright colors) especially of medieval manuscript pages
  35. In Situ
    in place in original position
  36. Keystone
    wedge-shaped piece at summit of an arch
  37. Kore
    "young woman"; archaic Greek statuary type depicting a young woman
  38. Kouros
    "young man" archaic Greek statuary type depicting a young man
  39. Kylix
    ancient Greek shallow drinking cup with two handles
  40. Mandorla
    almond-shaped nimbus surrounding figure of Christ
  41. Metope
    panel between the triglyphs in a Doric frieze often sculpted in relief
  42. Narthex
    a porch or vestibule of a church preceding the nave
  43. Nave
    central area of ancient Roman basilica or church, demarcated from aisles by piers or columns
  44. Nimbus
  45. Pronaos
    space or porch in front of cella, or naos of ancient Greek temple
  46. Psalter
    book containing Psalms
  47. Scriptorium
    writing studio of monastery
  48. Sculpture in the Round
    freestanding figures, carved modeled in three dimensions
  49. Shaft
    tall, cylindrical part of a column between the capital and the base
  50. Square Schematism
    measurement used in church design
  51. Stylobate
    uppermost course of platform of a Greek temple, supports columns
  52. Tessere
    tiny stones or pieces of glass --> form mosaic
  53. Tracery
    ornamental stonework for holding stained glass in place
  54. Triforium
    the blind arcaded gallery below the clerestory in a Gothic cathedral
  55. Triglyph
    triple projecting, grooved member of Doric frieze, alternates with metopes
  56. Triptych
    three-paneled painting for altarpiece
  57. Trumeau
    pillar or center post supporting lintel in middle of doorway in church architecture
  58. Vault
    masonry roof or ceiling constructed on the arch principle
  59. Volute
    spiral, scroll-like form
  60. Voussoir
    wedge-shaped block used in construction of a true arch; a central voussoir is the key stone
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