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  1. Describe the Process of Blood Glucose Regulation: hormones involved, condition/situation that activates hormone, result of hormone action.
    • *Insulin and Glucagon are key factors in controlling blood glucose
    • When blood glucose rises above normal range:
    • 1. insulin is released
    • 2. glucose is transported into cells or Conversion of glucose to glycogen happens to LOWER IT back to normal

    • When blood glucose falls below normal range:
    • 1. Pancreas releases Glucagon
    • 2. Breakdown of glycogen to glucose OR increased gluconeogenesis happens to RISE IT back to normal
  2. Features of the Meditteranean Diet that make it a healthy alternative to the US diet.
    • Up to 40% of fat is composed of monosaturated acids
    • Diet is high in: olive oil (main fat), fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds
    • Diet has small to moderate amounts of cheese, yogurt, and fish
    • Minimal processed, and seasonally fresh foods
    • Regular exercise
  3. 4 Structure Levels (Shapes) of Protein Organization
    • Primary- Amino acids sequenced in polypeptide chain
    • Secondary- Hydrogen and sulfur bonds create a spiral shape
    • Tertiary- 3 dimensional form that determines function of protein
    • Quaternary- 2 or more protein units join together to form a larger protein.
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