VSOL 2b 4th Grade

  1. What is the natural border between the Coastal Plain(Tidewater) and the Piedmont regions?

    A. ) the Fall Line
  2. What is the major geogrpahic feature of the Fall Line?

    B. ) waterfalls that prevent further travel on the river.
  3. This region is mostly flat land near the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. It includes the Eastern Shore.

    D. ) Coastal Plain (Tidewater)
  4. This is the land at the foot of the mountains that consists of rolling hills.

    A. ) Piedmont
  5. This region consists of old, rounded mountains. It is part of the Appalachian mountain system.

    E. ) Blue Ridge Mountains
  6. This region includes the Great Valley of Birginia and other valleys separated by ridges.

    A. ) Valley and Ridge
  7. This is an area of elevated land that is flat on top. Only a small part of it is located in Viginia.

    C. ) Appalachian Plateau
  8. This region is east of the Fall Line.

    E. ) Coastal Plain (Tidewater)
  9. This region is to the west of the Fall Line.

    E. ) Piedmont
  10. This region is the source of many rivers.

    D. ) Blue Ridge Mountains
  11. This region is located between the Piedmont and the Valley and Ridge regions.

    E. ) Blue Ridge Mountains
  12. This region is located west of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    E. ) Valley and Ridge
  13. This region is located in southwest Virginia.

    E. ) Appalachian Plateau
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VSOL 2b 4th Grade
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