Biopsychology Test Sexual Development Behavior part 2

  1. Lee-Boot effect
    • Females housed together w/o presence of male
    • Normal estro cycle of fertilty that may occur doesnt occur that it may nromally occur in the wild
    • When a male is introduced will shorty start their cylce
    • **controlled by pheromone**females have olfactory recepters
    • Not realistic because females are not always isolated
  2. Whitten effect
    • Martha Mclintock discoverd in all girls dorm
    • Female estro cycles will synchronize and become more frequent in the presence of a male
    • Having a male present has femal emore prepared to mate and prdouce offspring
    • **controlled by pheremone as well**
  3. Bruce effect
    • Unfamilar male takes over a colongy any females that are prego at the time with the outside male they will spontaneously abort
    • **regulated by male pheromones**
    • Evolution based because need to maximaize male efforts should be helping his own efforts, by raising his own young
  4. Vandernbergh effect
    Male when approaches colony and female close to maturing accelerate to enter puberty making them fertile and a possible partner
  5. Ventral Medial Nucleus of the hypothalamus (VMH)
    • Active and seems to trigger sexual postering (receptive)
    • When stimulated automatically assume Gordosis posture
  6. Androgenic Insensitivity Syndrome
    • Mutation of androgen receptor gene
    • androgen receptors are complety unresponsive

    • Anne S.
    • chromosomally male (XY)
    • internalized testes but no ovaires
    • hromone levels of a male

    • 2types
    • complete AIS...externally everything looks female but male internally
    • incomplete AIS...a variation of symptoms and characteristics
  7. Andrenogenital Syndrome
    • caused by congenital adrenal hyperplasia
    • low cortisol
    • high adrenal adrogens

    • no big change in males
    • external parts of female are mascinulized

    Endocrine disorder resulting from adrenocortical hyperplasia. See Adrenal hyperplasia. Less than normal amounts of cortisol and greater than normal amounts of androgens are produced. This results in precocious puberty in boys and masculinization of the external genitals in girls. Usually a congenital disorder.
  8. 5-alpha reductase Deficiency Syndrome
    • Caused by deficiency in 5-alpha reductase
    • Responsibel for act on testerone to convert to dihydrotestostorone needed to make external male parts
    • Internals develop normally but look like a female
  9. John Money and case of John/Joan
    • Psychologist at john Hopkins
    • 1960s radical theory nuture not nature makes one masculine or feminine
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Biopsychology Test Sexual Development Behavior part 2
Biopsychology Test Sexual Development Behavior part 2