Art of Byzantium

  1. Arian
    denied equality of three aspects of the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost)
  2. Monophysite
    denied duality of divine and human natures of Christ
  3. Iconoclasm
    destruction of images used in religious worship
  4. Pendentive
    concave triangular piece of masonry
  5. Squinch
    architectural device used as transition from square to polygonal
  6. Conches
    semicircular half-domes
  7. Exarches
    Byzantine governors
  8. Paten
    large golden bowl (held bread)
  9. Refectory
    dining hall
  10. Oratory
    monastery church
  11. Theotokos
    "bearer of G-d"; refers to Virgin Mary
  12. Iconoclast
    image breaker
  13. Iconophile
    image lover
  14. Pantocrator
    image of Christ
  15. Pala
    altarpiece or panel placed behind and over the alter
  16. Triptych
    portable shrine with hinged wings; three panels
  17. Cupolas
    drums with shallow caps
  18. Parekklesion
    side chapel
  19. Iconostasis
    icon stand; high screen with door
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