health occ.

  1. verbal
    spoken words or written communication
  2. communication
    sharing of thoughts, information, feelings, and ideas.
  3. three parts of communication
    sender, receiver, message
  4. listening
    paying attention to and making an effort to hear what the other person is saying
  5. forms of non-verbal communication
    body language, gestures, eye contact, and touch
  6. aphasia
    language impairments; loss of ability to comprehend or speak normally
  7. barriers to communication
    physical barriers, psychological, cultural diversity
  8. physical barriers
    deafness; blindness; aphasia
  9. psychological
    caused by prejudice, attitudes, and personality
  10. cultural diversity
    beliefs regarding health care; language differences; eye contact; ways of dealing with terminal illness or severe disablity; touch
  11. subjective observation
    cannot be seen or felt; commonly called symptoms
  12. objective observations
    can be seen or measured; commonly called signs
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