Medical Coding Cardiovascular System

  1. the valve between the right atrium and the right ventricle is the
  2. bright red blood indicates
    oxygenated blood
  3. blue blood indicates
    deoxygenated blood
  4. cardiovascular system includes
    • heart
    • blood
    • blood vessels
  5. blood
    a form of connective tissue that has a fluid component called plasma and a variety of cells and substances
  6. blood vessels
    a network of passageways to transport the blood to and from the body's cells
  7. heart
    the organ that pumps blood through the system
  8. circulation
    the movement of blood to and from the heart
  9. 2 systems of circulation
    • pulmonary circulation (from heart to lungs and back)
    • systemic circulation (from heart to body tissues and back)
  10. vessels that carry blood away from the heart
    • arteries
    • arterioles
    • capillaries
  11. capillaries in the systemic circulatory system
    carry oxygenated blood and take away carbon dioxide away from body tissues
  12. capillaries in the pulmonary circulation system
    capillaries drop off carbon dioxide to be exhaled and leave with freshly oxygenated blood
  13. vessels that carry blood back to the heart
    • capillaries
    • venules
    • veins
  14. ARTERIES take blood AWAY from the heart
    VEINS return blood TO the heart
  15. fibrous pericardium
    the tough membrane surrounding the heart
  16. serous pericardium
    • layer that lines the fibrous pericardium
    • PARIETAL LAYER lines the fibrous pericardium
    • VISCERAL LAYER fused to the heart surface
  17. pericardial cavity
    potential cavity between the parietal and visceral layers of the serous pericardium
  18. epicardium
    the outer layer of the heart wall, the same layer as the visceral pericardium
  19. myocardium
    • the middle layer of the heart wall
    • made of cardiac muscle
  20. endocardium
    the heart lining of epithelium
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