1. Interactivity
    In a Web page or Flash movie, an element’s response to a user’s mouse pointer action
  2. Rolling Over
    A mouse action in which the user moves over or points to a button, also called hovering.
  3. Hovering
    A mouse action in which the user moves over or points to a button; also called a rollover.
  4. States
    The appearance of a Flash button that corresponds to user actions, such as Up, Over and Down.
  5. Up
    The default button state, not affected by any mouse movement.
  6. Over
    A button state after the user rolls the mouse pointer over the button.
  7. Down
    A button state after the user clicks and holds down the button with the mouse pointer.
  8. Hit Area
    The active clickable area of the button he corresponds to the button object in either the Over or Down states.
  9. Onion Skinning
    Displays frames before or after the current frame so you can see the content
  10. Waveform
    A graphical representation of sound in the Library and the Timeline.
  11. Vlog
    A video blog
  12. Flash Video
    The name of a file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Flash Player.
  13. Skin
    The playback interface for a Flash video
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