1. Estimated St. Error
    is an estimate of the st. error of the sampling distribution of the M.
  2. Est. St. Error of the Sampling Dist of M
    sample st.deviation / square root of n
  3. t statistic is
    formed whenever a statistic has a normal sampling distribution (M) is transformed by subtracting the mean of the sampling distribution and dividing by est of the st error (sample)
  4. Comparison of t and z distrib
    • 1. t and z both have means that equal 0
    • 2. t and z both have distributions that are symmetric about the mean.
    • 3. t dist are more variable than the z
    • 4. Shape of a t changes with sample size
  5. Degrees Of Freedom
    is the number of degrees of freedom for a statistic equals the number of components in it's calculation that are free to vary. so, 1/5 are fixed and 4/5 are free to vary. n-1
  6. Robust
    a statistic is robust if it gives fairly accurate results even when an assumption is violated.
  7. Delta
    is used to locate power.
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