1. Effect Size
    it estimates the deg to which the null hypothesis is false compared to the alternative null. related to Power, in that if ES is High then power is as well.
  2. Test Statistic
    is a special value computed from a sample that is used in deciding btwn the Ho and H1. A z-score.
  3. A P value
    is the smallest alpha that would allow rejection of the null. (p <.05)
  4. Parametric Test
    The null hypothesis is about a specific population parameter.
  5. Nonparametric test
    When the hypothesis specify shape of the population
  6. Null Hypothesis
    • 1. no change of difference
    • 2. proposes a specific value for the parameter
    • 3. helps to construct the sampling distribution
  7. Rejection Region
    Values specified by the decision rule. often set by alpha, alpha-.05 directional- CV-1.64 the rejection is anything after this value.
  8. Significance level
    is represented by alpha.
  9. Critical Value
    is also called a Z score and is the value of the test statistic that begins the rejection region.
  10. Type I error = alpha
    Occurs when the Null is rejected when it really is correct. always equals the alpha, so if alpha is .05, you have a 5% chance that your making a Type I error.
  11. Type II error
    Is made when the null is not rejected when it really is incorrect. ( beta ) related to power!
  12. 1 Step in Hypothesis Testing
    • 1. Assum-
    • pop- norm dist/samp sz
    • samp- random -w/i
    • data - interval /ratio
  13. 2 Step in Hypothesis Test
    • state the nul - H0 there is no change or diff in the pop an is specific
    • state the alternative and direction .
  14. 3 Step in Hypothesis Testing.
    Test statistic - Z score and st error of the mean.
  15. 4 Step in Hypothesis Test
    • Decision Rule- used to decide which hypothesis provides a better description.
    • Choose a Sig level- alpha.
  16. 5/6 Step in hypothesis
    • 5- sample and compute
    • 6- Decide and conclude.
  17. Power
    • 1-(beta) is the probability of making the correct decision of rejecting and incorrect Ho.
    • "it's the chance of finding an effect that truly exists"
    • Power is incred, by decre (beta)
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