english vocab

  1. copious
    (adj) Abundant, a lot of, plentiful
  2. Diligent
    (v) To take care of responsibly, becuase its ur job
  3. inquisitive
    (adj) curious or inquiring
  4. Explicate
    (v) to analyze and develop in detail
  5. Implements
    (n) A tool or utensil or other piece of equipment
  6. flat character
    a character that the reader does not have a lot of information about
  7. round character
    a character that the reader has a lot of info about
  8. static character
    a character that doesn't change throughout the novel
  9. dynamic character
    a character that changes throught the novel
  10. narrator
    the peroson who tells the story (1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person)
  11. Point of View (POV)
    the view of the narrator. the way he sees the story.
  12. tone
    mood of the story
  13. setting
    the time and place where the story takes place
  14. protagonist
    main character, most involved in drama or main events.
  15. plot
    Plot is the structure of events within a story
  16. exposition
    Exposition is information that is offered to readers to help them understand the plot, characters, or setting in a story.
  17. conflict
    argument, diagreement or fight of the story
  18. catalyst
    the main event that turns the story around. the turning point
  19. resolution
    the action that solves a problem
  20. theme
    the moral that the author is trying to convey to the reader
  21. symbol
    something that stands for something else
  22. affable
    friendly, good natured
  23. amiable
  24. hinder
    to create diffuculties for someone resulting in delay. to block, restrict
  25. malicious
  26. prologue
    a seperate introductory section in literature
  27. rubble
    debris, watever is left after being destroyed
  28. atrocious
    wicked, cruel brutal
  29. berate
    scold or criticize
  30. castigate
    • reprimand severely
    • critisize severly
  31. despair
  32. mediocre
    average, ordinary
  33. preplexed
  34. profanity
    bad language like kussing and other words
  35. prolific
    to produce a lot or have a big outcome
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