Biology Ch 3 Enzymes

  1. What Macromolecule are Enzymes?
  2. What 3 Letters Do ALL Enzymes End In?
  3. What Do Enzymes Do?
    • Function is to speed up (Catalyze) reaction.
    • control how fast "reactants" become "products"
  4. All Enzyme reactions begin with__ and end with __?
    Reactants, Product
  5. Enzyme Substrate
    A molecule upon which an enzyme acts
  6. Where do substrated bind to enzymes?
    Active site
  7. Enzymes at Cellular Level are "Substrate Specific" what does that mean?
    Enzymes are specific to substrates, if they can't fit, they will not go into enzyme
  8. What is Denaturation?
    When Enzyme breaks down losing shape and function due to temp. too high or PH incorrect
  9. What is an Enzyme Inhibitor?
    Chemical that interferes with enzyme activity
  10. 2 types of Enzyme Inhibitors
    • Competitve
    • Non-Competitive
  11. Competitive Inhibitor
    • Resembles substrate and competes for active site
    • Image Upload 1
  12. Non-Competitive Inhibitor
    • Bind to enzyme but they bind at a different site, not active site.
    • This changes active site and renders it useless
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  13. Feedback Inhibition
    • Quantity of Products are too high
    • Result: Product becomes non-competitive inhibitor
  14. Examples of Inhibitors
    • Poisons and chemical warfare
    • Pesticides
    • Penecillin (inhibits bacteria)
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