pelvis and legs

  1. Gluteus maximus
    powerful thigh extensor, antagonist of iliopsoas; laterally rotates & abducts thigh; extends and laterally rotates hip
  2. Gluteus medius
    abducts & medially rotates thigh; stedies pelvis during walking
  3. Gluteus minimus
    abducts & medially rotates thigh; steadies pelvis
  4. Iliopsoas Complex (Iliacus + Psoas Major & Minor)
    Function: flex trunk on thigh; flex thigh; lateral flexion of vertebral column (psoas)
  5. sartorus
    Function: flexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh; flexes knee
  6. tensor fasciae latae
    Function: flexes, abducts, and medially roates thigh; steadies trunk
  7. Adductor longus, magnus, & brevis:
    Function: adduct & medially rotate & flex thigh
  8. Gracilis
    adducts thigh; flexes & medially rotates leg, especially during walking
  9. Bicep Femoris (long & short head)
    Function: extends thigh; laterally rotates leg; flexes knee
  10. Semimembranosus and Semitendinosus
    extends thigh; flexes knee, medially rotates leg
  11. Pectineus
    adducts, flexes, & medially rotates thigh
  12. Rectus Femoris
    extends knee & flexes thigh at hip
  13. Vastus Intermedius
    Function: extends knee
  14. Vastus lateralis
    Function: extends & stabilizes knee
  15. Vastus Medialis
    Function: extends knee; stabilizes patella
  16. Sartorius
    Function: flexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh; flexes knee
  17. Extensor digitorum longus
    Function: prime mover of toe extension; dorsiflexes foot
  18. extensor hallus longus
    Function: extends great toe; dorsiflexes foot
  19. flexor digitorum longus
    Function: flexes toes, planter flexes and inverts foot
  20. flexor hallucis longus
    Function: flexes great toe; plantar flexes & inverts foot, push off muscle during walking
  21. peroneus (fibularis) longus & brevis
    Function: plantar flexes & everts foot; helps keep foot flat on ground
  22. popliteus
    Function: flexes & rotates leg medially to unlock extended knee when knee flexion begins
  23. tibialis anterior
    Function: prime mover of dorsiflexion; inverts foot; supports longitudinal arch of foot
  24. tibialis posterior
    Function: prime mover of foot inversion; plantar flexes foot; stabilizes longitudinal arch of foot
  25. Soleus
    plantar flexion; important muscle for locomotion
  26. Gastrocnemius
    plantar flexes foot when knee is extended; crosses knee joint; can flex knee when foot is dorsiflexed
  27. Urogenital diaphragm
    Function: helps with sex
  28. Pubococcygeus of levator ani
    Function: controls urine flow and contracts during orgasm (aids in urinary control & childbirth)
  29. Iliococcygeus
    helps to support pelvic viscera and resist increases in intra-abdominal pressure
  30. Levator ani and Coccygeus
    Function: forms the pelvic diaphragm
  31. Iliacus & psoas major
    Function: flexes and rotates thigh medially and flexes vertebral column
  32. Gemellus (superior & inferior), Obturator (internal & external), piriformis
    Function: lateral rotators of the hip (laterally rotates the extended thigh & abducts flexed thigh)
  33. quadratus femoris
    Function: extends knee and flexes hip
  34. Plantaris
    Function: plantar flexes foot
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