603c Special Forms

  1. Exceptional Release
    • Reference T.O. 00-20-1
    • REQUIRED before flight
    • Will NEVER be granted when the aircraft status is indicated by a RED X symbol
    • MXG/CC approves list of personnel
  2. Exceptional Release
    • Evaluate: 781 HAJK
    • NO OTHER Mx is performed once ER is signed
  3. Conditional Release
    • Allows aircraft to be flown although discrepancy restricts aircraft's capabilities.
    • MXG/CC MUST approve to downgrade Red X to /
  4. Changing Symbols
    • ANY Mx person may upgrade to more serious symbol if they determine the condition to be worse.
    • ANY SUPERVISORY personnel may downgrade, the matter will be brought to the attention of the MXG/CC, or any person designated by the MXG/CC
  5. AFI 91-204
    Aircraft or equipment involved in accidents, mishaps or incidents
  6. Impoundment
    isolation or control of access to an aircraft or equipment item and applicable historical records so an intensified investigation can be completed
  7. Authorized Personnel
    Individuals directly involved in the management, securing, troubleshooting, or repair of impounded aircraft or equipment
  8. Impoundment Authority
    • Individual authorized to impound aircraft or equip
    • MXG/CC will designate IA and will be tracked on the SCR. the Ia will select the Impoundment Official IO
  9. Impoundment Official
    • Hold minimum rank of MSgt (does not need to be track on SCR)
    • Single Point of contact for the affected aircraft or equip item and are responsible for controlling, monitoring, and investigating the impounded aircraft or equip
  10. Impoundment Release Authority Responsibilities
    Individuals authorized to release aircraft or equip from impoundment
  11. Isolation Area
    If an ECP is established, the IO will ensure an access control log is miantained at the ECP of the impounded aircraft, equip or storage facility to ttrack personnel entering and leaving the area.
  12. Impoundment Procedures
    • Red X
    • MOC notified
    • Control and log in access of personnel
    • Isolate MIS data
    • Request personnel records, as needed
  13. Reasons for Impoundment
    • Inadvertent release of munitions
    • in-flight fires
    • engine anomalies
    • Uncommanded flight control malfunction
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