603a MDDS

  1. Mx Data Documentation
    • Developed in the 50s
    • MDD uses codes and coding techniques
    • -06 manuels and T.O. 00-20-2 MDD
  2. AFTO Form 349
    When automated system is down we use this
  3. AF FORM 2406
    MDD compiled into reports by analysis
  4. Reliability and Maintainability Info Sys (REMIS)
    • Integrated Mx Data Sys (IMDS)
    • PMEL Automated Mx Sys (PAMS)
    • Comp. Engine Mx Sys (CEMS)
    • Global Integrated Mx Management Sys (GIMMS)
    • CAMS for Mobility (G0)-81)
    • Integrated Info Management Sys (IMS)
  5. REMIS
    • Accumulate data
    • Used by AF logisticians to GATHER data through
    • IMDS, CAMS, GO-81, CEMS, GIMMS etc
  6. UTE Reporting Subsys (EIMSURS)
    Subsys of REMIS
    • Equipment Inventory, Multiple Status and UTE Reporting Subsys
    • Provides detailed data summary and historical data for all items of aerospace vehicles, test equip, C-E, and AGE
    • Monitors Fleet UTE
  7. Product Performance Subsys (PPS)
    Subsys of REMIS
    • Provides the capability to eval. Mx actions, weapon sys effectiveness/material deficiencies
    • Bad Actor Program
  8. Generic Config Status Accounting Subsys (GCSAS)
    Subsys of REMIS
    • Single unified source of all AF weapon sys configuration data
    • Provides Cradle-to-Grave tracking of serially conrolled config items and TCTO and TCI management
  9. Integrated Mx Data Sys (IMDS)
    • Replaces CAMS, will replace GO-81
    • Provides data entry from multiple logistics and Mx tracking sys
    • PRIMARY source of worldwide production oriented MIS
    • Data entered based on activity taking place
    • Remote terminals
    • Automated Forms
    • Deficiency Reporting
    • Aircraft Config Management
    • Enter new data
    • Change existing
    • Update
    • Delete
    • Info retrieval
    • Reporting
  10. PMEL Automated Management Sys (PAMS)
    Interfaces with IMDS
    • Automatically input and retrieve data by scanning a bar code label or keyboard entry
    • inventory analysis info
  11. CEMS
    Data sys that tracks AF engine status, accountability, TCTO and critical part life tracking
  12. GIMMS
    • To replace CEMS
    • Engine Sys Branch
    • Provides comm. and info sharing tools to meet "real time" info access.
  13. IMIS
    • Provides access to Mx info
    • Interfces w/ other info sys
    • Tech Data, Forms, Supply database!
    • LAPTOP or Handheld Units
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