602c Mx Indicators

  1. Mx Management Analysis Section
    • Track
    • Analyze
    • Present Info
    • Use statistical and analytical abilities to convert data
    • Manages MIS
  2. Metrics
    • Used to Gauge: Effectiveness and Efficiency
    • Where you've been, Where you're going, How you are going to get there.
    • Communication : Reduces excessive Mx down time.
    • Aircraft Mx Cornerstones: Fleet Availability (MC rate) and Flying Prog Execution (utilization)
  3. Metrics -- Categories
    • Leading -- Predictive
    • Lagging -- Historical
  4. Fleet Availability LEADING Indicators
    • Air Abort Rate
    • Ground Abort Rate
    • Break Rate
    • CANN rate
    • DD Rate
    • Departure (logistics) Reliability
    • Fix Rate (4, 8, or 12 hour)
    • Repeat Rate/Recur Rate
    • High Repeat/Recur = Comittment to Schedule
    • FCF Release Rate -- High release = Quality Mx
    • Mx Scheduling Effectiveness (MSE) Rate
    • High CANN = what supply cannot deliver
  5. LEADING -- Phase Flow-Time Distribution Interval (TDI)
    • Scattered diagram
    • Hours remaining until next INS
  6. MC Rate
    Best known yardstick to measure units performance
  7. LAGGING --UTE Rate
    Average number of sorties or hour flown per assigned aircraft per month
  8. Abort Rate
    Indicates aircraft reliability and quality Mx
  9. Break Rate
    Indicator of aircraft sys reliability
  10. DDs fall into two Categories
    AWM and AWP
  11. Fix Rate
    Percentage of aircraft landing NMC that are fixed within timeframes
  12. FSE Rate
    Shows effectiveness of the flying program
  13. MC Rate
    The % of possessed hours for aircraft that can fly at least one assigned mission
  14. Periodic Ins Time Distance Interval (TDI)
    • Phased TDI based on flying hours
    • Iso TDI based on calendar days
  15. Mx Summary Report
    • BEST idea of how you have done -- flightline
    • Report of Mx indicators
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