4th Grade 4th 6 Weeks Vocabulary Review

  1. famine
    What is a widespread lack of food
  2. implored
    What is begged
  3. trickle
    What is a thin stream
  4. triumphantly
    When someone is joyful because of a victory
  5. circumstances
    These are the events that surround a situation
  6. script
    This is the written text of a play
  7. repentant
    When someone is regretful or sorry for one’s actions
  8. acceptable
    When you wish for approval or being accepted
  9. rascally
    Someone who is naughty or dishonest
  10. generous
    When you give a lot of something; plentiful
  11. thrifty
    When you are careful in spending
  12. alibi
    When you give an excuse for being somewhere at a certain time
  13. strengthening
    When you make something strong
  14. sculptor
    What an artist is called who makes 3-D art
  15. modify
    What it is called when you make changes to something
  16. disabilities
    What is a condition making it difficult to complete daily activities
  17. prosthetic
    What is replacing a missing body part
  18. device
    What is something built for a specific purpose
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4th Grade 4th 6 Weeks Vocabulary Review
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