Circle Rules and Vocabulary

  1. Which rules describes the picture?Image Upload 1
    Inscribed Angles
  2. What are the two rules and properties of inscribed angles?
    • The measure of an inscribed angle is 1/2 of its intercepted arc
    • If two inscribed angles of a circle intercept the same arc, then the angles are congruent.
  3. What rule describes this picture?Image Upload 2
    Inscribed polygons
  4. What are two the rules and properties of inscribed polygons?
    • If a right triangle is inscribed inside of a circle, then the hypothnuse is the diameter.
    • A quadralateral can be inscribed if and only if opposite angles are supplementary.
  5. What is the rule for Chords and Congruency?
    Two minor arcs congruent if there corresponding chords are congruent.
  6. What is the rule for Chords and the Center?
    Two chords are congruent if they are equal distances from the center.
  7. What are the two rules for Chords and Perpendicular Bisectors?
    • If a chord is the perpendicular bisector of another, then the first chord is a diameter.
    • Also, the diameter, if perpendicular to a chord, bisects the chord and its arc.
  8. What are the two rules of tangents?
    • A line is tangent to a circle if and only if the line is perpendicular to the end of a radius of a circle.
    • Tangent segments from a common external point are congruent.
  9. What are the three are measure rules?
    • minors arcs measure less than 180 degrees.
    • major arcs measure between 180 and 360 degrees (not including 180 degree semi circle.
    • the measure of an arc is the measure of its central angle.
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