Psychopharmacology Unit 3

  1. What are the five steps of the scientific method?
    • 1. observing/generating questions
    • 2. generating a hypothesis
    • 3. predicting results
    • 4. testing hypothesis
    • 5. re-evaluating hypothesis
  2. Define: scientific method
    a systematic pursuit of knowledge
  3. In studies of the effects of drugs on behavior, what is the dependent variable?
    Behavioral effects
  4. In studies of the effects of drugs on behavior, what is the independent variable?
    Drug administration
  5. Classical conditioning pairs a ___ with an ___ to elicit an ___.
    neutral response; unconditioned stimulus; unconditioned response.
  6. If classical conditioning is successful, the ___ will elicit an ___.
    neutral stimulus; unconditioned response
  7. Describe: extinction
    Extinction is the disappearance of a conditioned response when only the conditioned stimulus is presented after conditioning.
  8. Describe: spontaneous recovery
    Spontaneous recovery is the reappearance of a conditioned response after extinction has taken place.
  9. Describe: rapid reacquisition
    Rapid reacquisition occurs when the conditioned stimulus is paired with the unconditioned stimulus. The unconditioned response to the conditioned stimulus is acquired again after very few trials.
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Psychopharmacology Unit 3
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