601c Wing Progs

  1. Safety Office (SE)
    • Flying Safety
    • BASH program
    • SIB/ISB
    • Hazardous Air Traffic Report (HATR) Prog.
  2. SE- BASH
    • Awareness
    • Bird Control
    • Bird Avoidance
    • Aircraft Design
  3. SE- SIB/ISB
    • Class A mishaps
    • CCs may convene SIB for less severe mishaps
    • Interim is convened immediately after mishap until SIB formed
    • consists of functional experts from affected careers
  4. SE- Hazardous Air Traffic Report (HATR) Program
    • Air traffic hazards
    • NOTAMS -- Notice to Airmen -- Web based

    Ground Safety -- manages safety issues for all activities not including flying
  5. Command Post (CP)
    • Focal point for ALL communications involving base activities.
    • Maintains status of all wing resources
    • alert forces
    • airfield
    • weather
    • navigational aids
    • Works with MOC, coordinates and reports Mx flightline activities
  6. Ops Group
    • ´╗┐Operational Support Squadron (OSS)
    • One or more Flying Squadrons (FS)
  7. Staff Agencies
    • Aircrew Standardization/Evaluation
    • Standardization between flying squadrons (FS)
    • Supervisor of Flying (SOF) Prog.
    • Rated Officer
    • Direct Rep. of OG/CC
    • Focal point for command and control of flight ops
    • Decision making authority delegated by OG/CC
  8. OSS - Current Ops Flight
    • Responsible for ALL wing flying ops
    • Training
    • Wing Flying Hour Program
    • HOST Aviation Resource Management: individual flight records, Publish individual aeronautical orders for aircrew and flying crew chiefs
  9. OSS - Wing Life Support
    • Combat mission planning and sortie allocation
    • PDM input and pick-up
    • Coordinates OG deployment req.
  10. OSS - Intelligence Flight
    • Briefs aircrew and prepares wing for wartime missions
    • All phases of conflict
    • Specific mission and location
    • Threat assessment
  11. OSS - Weapons and Tactics Flight
    • Develops procedures for employing assets
    • Advises staff on capabilities, limitations, and status of resources
  12. OSS - Weather Flight
    Provides weather services for all operations on base
  13. OSS - Airfield Ops Flight
    • Control Tower
    • Radar Ops
    • Transient Alert
    • Base Ops
  14. FS - Aircrew Qualification Status
    • Mission Ready/Combat Mission Ready (MR/CMR)
    • Maintains qualification & proficiency in command or unit operational readiness
    • Basic Mission Capable (BMC)
    • Partially mission qualified but can be MR/CMR in < 30 days
    • Basic Aircraft Qualification (BAQ)
    • Completed initial qualifications; only qualified to fly/operate an aircraft
  15. Training Reqs
    • IQT- initially qualify, basic, without regard to mission
    • BAQ- completed IQT, not long-term
    • MQT- initially qualify or re-qualify in specific, mission
    • CMR/MR- qualified and proficient, ALL primary missions to unit and weapons sys
    • BMC- familiarized, ALL primary missions to unit and weapons sys
    • CT- ensure safe ops of aircraft, consist of skills req. for BAQ
    • RAP- capabilities needed to accomplish unit's core tasked missions
  16. FS- Aircrew training Level (ATL)
    • Commander assigns levels
    • Training events stay current
    • Based on experience
    • Training hours calculations dependent on type of aircraft
    • Sortie based Ready Aircrew Program (RAP or Non-RAP)
    • Event-based method
  17. Disaster Preparedness
    • Annual training
    • Inclement Weather Evacuation
    • Base Repair After Attack (BRAAT)
    • Damage Assessment Teams (DAT)
    • UXOs reported to Survival Recovery Center (SRC)
    • Minimum operating strip
    • Rapid Runway Repair
  18. Emergency Action Plan
    • Purpose of EAP is to facilitate and organize employer and employee actions during workplace emergencies
    • Well developed emergency plans and proper employee training.
  19. Contingency Situations
    • Major Airfield Disaster Response
    • Alert Procedures
    • In-Flight Emergency (IFE)
    • Ground Emergencies
  20. Contingency Plan
    • devised for a specific situation when things could go wrong.
    • "Back-up Plans," Worst-case Scenario Plans," or "Plan B"
    • Include monitoring process and "triggers" for initiating planned actions
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