The Respiratory System: Vocabulary

  1. Respiration
     the release of energy in cells by the combination of food and oxyge
  2. Gills
    organs used by water animals to obtain oxygenfrom the water
  3. Spiracles
    holes along the abdomen of insects used totake in oxygen
  4. Carbon Dioxide
    a gaseous waste product of respirationwhich is exhaled from animals
  5. Mucus
    a sticky substance produced by the nose tomoisten the inhaled air and trap dust and bacteria
  6. Cillia
    microscopic hairlike structures that help move mucus and other substances in the respiratory track
  7. Esophagus
    the tube leading to the stomach from thethroa
  8. Trachea
    the tube that leads to the lungs from the throat
  9. Epiglottis
    a flap that covers the trachea while food isswallowed; this prevents food from going into the tracheaand lungs
  10. Larynx
    the part of the throat that contains the voicebox or vocal cords
  11. Bronchi
    the main branches of the respiratory tract leading into the lung
  12. Alveoli
    tiny sacs at which gas exchange takes place inthe lungs
  13. Diaphragm
    a muscle on the underside of the lungs;when it contracts and relaxes, it sets up the conditions oflow and high air pressure that permit air to be inhaled andexhaled from the lungs
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The Respiratory System: Vocabulary
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