1. Maryland Colony
    • Location: North of Virginia along Chesapeake Bay
    • Settlement: St. Mary's City
    • Leader: George Calvert also know as Lord Baltimore
    • Date: 1634
    • Reason: Religious Freedom (Catholic religion) and to make money
  2. Georgia Colony
    • Location: South of South Carolina Colony
    • Settlement: Savannah
    • Founder: James Oglethrope
    • Date: 1733
    • Reason: Place for people not wanted in England-protection from Spain and France; Place for debtors
  3. Virginia Colony
    • Location: Next to Maryland Colony separted by the Chesapeake Bay and the Potamac River
    • Settlement: Jamestown
    • Founder: John Smith
    • Date: 1607
    • Reason: Trade
  4. North Carolina Colony
    • Settlement: Albemarle
    • Founder: Group of businessmen
    • Date: 1653
    • Reason: Trade
    • Cash crop: Tabacco and corn
    • It was hilly.
  5. South Carolina Colony
    • Settlement: Charleston
    • Founder: Group of businessmen
    • Date: 1670
    • Reason: Trade
    • Cash crops: Rice
    • Land was really wet.
  6. In what Southern Colony would you find the port city of Wilmington?
    The North Carolina Colony
  7. What was the Toleration Act?
    It gave religious freedom to all Christians in the colony. It was passed by Maryland in 1649.
  8. The Carolina Colonies..

    Who were founders?

    Why were they split?
    Location: Large area of land South of Virginia

    Founders were eight English leaders called the Lords Proprietors.

    They were split because they became hard to govern. It was large and the colonists would not follow laws that they did not like. It was split in 1712.
  9. In what Southern Colony would you find the port city of Savannah?
    The Georgia Colony.
  10. In what Southern Colony would you find the port city of Charles Town?
    The South Carolina Colony.
  11. In what Southern Colony would you find the port city of Baltimore?
    The Maryland Colony.
  12. What Southern Colony would you find the port city Norfolk?
    The Virginia Colony.
  13. What was the cause of conflicts between Southern colonists and their Native American neighbors?
    The cause of conflicts between the Southern colonists and their Native American neighbors was that the settlers kept pushing the Native Americans off their lands. They would build their settlements on Native American lands and would destory their villages. This led to conflicts and wars. One such war was The Tuscarora War which lasted for several years and ended in about 950 Tuscarora being killed or captured and sold as slaves.
  14. How did enslaved Africans deal with hardships?
    Enslaved Africans tried to deal with hardships by trying to keep their culture alive. They would tell stories and sing songs about Africa and many turned to the Christian religion to give them strength.
  15. Main cash crop of the northern areas of the Southern Colonies?
  16. Main cash crop of the southern areas of the Southern Colonies?
  17. Cash crops of the the Southern Colonies?
    Tobacco, rice, and indigo
  18. Who was Olaudah Equiano?
    • One of ther first Africans to write and talk about life as an enslaved person.
    • 12 yrs old when he was sold to an English sea captain
    • Earned enough money from trading to buy his freedom
    • Attended school in London and later worked as a sailor
    • 1789 published his autobiography and spent the rest of life trying to convince people to end slavery
  19. How were enslaved Africans treated in the Southern Colonies?
    • Treatment depended on their owners.
    • Enslaved Africans were often treated very poorly, most were beaten and abused
    • Families were often broken apart and sold to different owners
    • They were not able to speak out against slavery
  20. Where did most enslaved people work?
    Most worked on plantations.
  21. Where was the first settlement in North America for free Africans?
    Fort Mose (Florida)
  22. Who helped runaway enslaved Africans?
    The Seminole tribe (Native Americans). They became known as Black Seminoles.
  23. What was referred to as Carolina gold?
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