1. When flying VFR, your destination must have a forecast ceiling equal to or greater than ______ feet and visibility of at least ______.
    1500; 3SM
  2. You are operating at 1500 feet AGL in uncontrolled airspace during daylight hours. What are your minimum cloud clearance requirements?
  3. The ______ section of the enroute supplement will tell you if a field is OBO or if a PPR is required.
  4. The main purpose of any checkpoint is to ______.
    provide a verification of the accuracy of your preflight planning
  5. As a general rule of thumb, checkpoints should be between ______ and ______ minutes apart
    5; 25
  6. The objective when creating your map is give yourself points in time to cross-check position and validate planning. The best way to accomplish that is to plan the flight for a ______.
    constant groundspeed
  7. Along with your checkpoint, the flight log should include entries for ______.
    STTO, climb fuel, pattern and arrival fuel, and fuel reserve
  8. The upper portion (protractor) of the plotter is used to measure the ______ on aeronautical charts
    direction of lines in degrees
  9. The small inner scales located about a third of the distance from the outer edge of the plotter are used for measuring a course with a ______.
  10. To convert your true course to a magnetic course you ______ easterly variation.
  11. Magnetic heading (MH) is magnetic course (MC) adjusted for ______.
  12. The first step to compute your fuel is to determine the specific range factor using ______.
    the Flight Manual
  13. Which of the following items is usually NOT plotted on your VFR chart?
    Navigation aid frequencies
  14. A route study is a detailed examination of the planned flight concentrating on visualizing what you should see as you navigate the route.
  15. When checking if an airfield is OBO or requires a PPR, you should consult NOTAMs and ______.
    the Enroute Supplement
  16. When measuring a course, the key first step is ______.
    determine the general direction of the course line
  17. To convert your true course to magnetic course you ______ westerly variation
  18. The main objective when completing the VFR map is to present all the essential information while ______.
    minimizing clutter and the amount of map detail obscured by the markings
  19. If you have any questions or difficulties completing a military VFR flight plan, you should refer to ______ for guidance.
    FLIP General Planning
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