chapter 5 part 2

  1. acetabul(o)
  2. acromi(o)
    end point of the scapula
  3. ankyl(o)
    bent, crooked
  4. arthr(o)
  5. brachi(o)
  6. burs(o)
  7. calcane(o)
  8. calci(o)
  9. carp(o)
  10. cephal(o)
  11. cervic(o)
  12. chondr(o)
  13. condyl(o)
    knob, knuckle
  14. cost(o)
  15. crani(o)
  16. dactyl(o)
    fingers, toes
  17. fasci(o)
  18. femor(o)
  19. fibr(o)
  20. humer(o)
  21. ili(o)
  22. ischi(o)
  23. kyph(o)
    hump; bent
  24. lamin(o)
  25. leiomy(o)
    smooth muscle
  26. lumb(o)
  27. maxill(o)
    upper jaw
  28. metacarp(o)
  29. my(o)
  30. myel(o)
    spinal cord; bone marrow
  31. oste(o)
  32. patell(o)
  33. ped(i), ped(o)
  34. pelv(i)
  35. phalang(o)
    finger or toe bone
  36. pod(o)
  37. pub(o)
  38. rachi(o)
  39. radi(o)
    forearm bone
  40. rhabd(o)
  41. rhabdomy(o)
    striated muscle
  42. scapul(o)
  43. scoli(o)
  44. spondyl(o)
  45. stern(o)
  46. synov(o)
    synovial membrane
  47. tars(o)
  48. ten(o), tend(o), tendin(o)
  49. thorac(o)
  50. tibi(o)
  51. uln(o)
  52. vertebr(o)
  53. A-K
    above the knee (amputation)
  54. ASIS
    anterior superior iliac spine
  55. B
  56. B-K
    below the knee (amputation)
  57. C1,C2,etc.
    first cervical vertebra, second cervical vertebra, etc.
  58. Ca
  59. CTS
    carpal tunnel syndrome
  60. D1,D2, etc.
    first dorsal vertebra, second dorsal vertevra, etc.. (now reffered to as first thoracic verterbra, second thoracic verterbra, etc.)
  61. DJD
    degenerative joint disease
  62. DTR
    deep tendon reflex
  63. EMG
  64. Fx
  65. IM
  66. L
  67. L1,L2, etc.
    first lumbar vertebra, second lumbar vertebra, etc.
  68. MCP
  69. NSAID
    nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
  70. OA
  71. P
  72. PIP
    proximal interphalangeal joints
  73. PSIS
    posterior superior iliac spine
  74. R
  75. RA
    rheumatoid arthritis
  76. ROM
    range of motion
  77. T1, T2, etc..
    first thoracic vertebra, second thoracic vertebra, etc.
  78. TMJ
    temporomandibular joint
  79. arthrography
    radiography of a joint
  80. arthroscopy
    examination with an instrument that explores the interior of a joint
  81. bone scan
    radiographic or nuclear medicine image of a bone
  82. chiropractor
    health care professional who works to align the spinal column so as to treat certain ailments
  83. densitometer
    device that measures bone density using light and x-rays
  84. electromyogram
    a graphic image of muscular action using electrical currence
  85. goniometer
    instrument that measures angles or range of motion in a joint
  86. myelography
    radiographic imaging of the spinal cord
  87. orthopedist, orthopedic surgeon
    physician who examines, diagnoses, and treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  88. osteopath
    physician who combines manipulative treatment with conventional therapeutic measures
  89. podiatrist
    medical specialist who examines, diagnoses, and treats disorders of the foot
  90. rheumatoid factor test
    test used to detect rheumatoid arthritis
  91. rhematolotgist
    physician who examines, diagnoses, and treats disorders of the joints and musculoskeletal system
  92. serum calcium
    test for calcium in the blood
  93. serum creatine phosphokinase
    enzyme active in muscle contraction; usually phosphokinase is elevated after a myocardial infarction and in the presence of other degenerative muscle disease
  94. serum phosphorus
    test for phosphorus in the blood
  95. tinels sight
    "pins and needles" sensation felt when an injured nerve site is tapped
  96. uric acid test
    test for acid content in urine, elevated levels may indicate gout
  97. ankylosis
    stiffening of a joint, especially as a result of disease
  98. arthralgia
    severe joint pain
  99. arthritis
    any of various conditions involving joint inflammation
  100. atrophy
    wasting away of tissue, organs, and cells, usually as a result of disease or loss of blood supply.
  101. bony necrosis
    death of portions of bone
  102. bunion
    an inflamed bursa at the foot joint, between the big toe and the first metatarsal bone
  103. bursitis
    inflammation of a bursa
  104. calcar
  105. carpal tunnel syndrome
    pain and paresthesia in the hand due to repetitive motion injury of the median nerve
  106. chondromalacia
    softening of cartilage
  107. closed fracture
    fracture with no open skin wound
  108. Colles fracture
    fracture of the lower end of the radius
  109. comminuted fracture
    fracture with shattered bones
  110. complex fracture
    fracture with part of the bone displaced
  111. complicated fracture
    fracture involvin extensive soft tissue injury
  112. compound fracture
    fracture with an open skin wounds; open fracture
  113. compression fracture
    fracture of one or more vertebra caused by compressing of the space between the vertebra
  114. contracture
    extreme resistance to the stretching of a muscle
  115. crepitation, crepitus
    noise made by rubbing together of bones
  116. degenerative arthritis
    arthritis with erosion of the cartilage
  117. dislocation
    movement of a joint out of its normal position as a result of an injury or sudden, strenuous movement
  118. dystonia
    abnormal tone in tissues
  119. epiphysitis
    inflammation of the epiphysis
  120. exostosis
    abnormal bone growth capped with cartilage
  121. flaccid
    without tone; relaxed
  122. fracture
    a break, especially in a bone
  123. gouty arthritis, gout
    inflammation of the joints, present in gout; usually caused by uric acid crystals
  124. greenstick fracture
    fracture with twisting or bending of the bone but no breaking; usually occurs in children
  125. hairline fracture
    fracture with no bone seperation or fragmentation
  126. herniated disk
    protrusion of intervertebral disk into the neural canal
  127. hypertrophy
    abnormal increase as in muscle cells
  128. hypotonia
    abnormally reduced muscle tension
  129. impacted fracture
    fracture in which a fragment from one part of the fracture is driven into the tissue of another part
  130. incomplete fracture
    fracture that does not go intirely through a bone
  131. kyphosis
    abnormal posterior spine curvature
  132. leiomyoma
    benigh tumor of smooth muscle
  133. leiomyosarcoma
    the malignant tumor of smooth muscle
  134. lordosis
    abnormal anterior spine curvature resulting in a sway back
  135. muscular dystrophy
    progressive degenerative disorder affecting the musculoskeltal system and, later, other organs
  136. myalgia
    muscle pain
  137. myeloma
    bone marrow tumor
  138. myodynia
    muscle pain
  139. myoma
    benign muscle tumor
  140. myositis
    inflammation of a muscle
  141. open fracture
    fracture with an open skin wound; compound fracture
  142. ostealgia
    bone pain
  143. osteoma
    benign bone tumor, usually on the skull or mandible
  144. osteomyelitis
    inflammation of the bone marrow and surrounding bone
  145. osteoporosis
    degenerative thinning of bone
  146. osteosarcoma
    malignant tumor of bone
  147. pathological fracture
    fracture occurring at the site of already damaged bone
  148. phantom limb, phantom pain
    pain felt in a paralyzed or amputated limb
  149. physical therapy
    movement therapy to restore use of damaged areas of the body
  150. podagra
    pain in the big toe, often associated with gout
  151. rhabdomyoma
    benign tumor in striated muscle
  152. rhabdomyosarcoma
    malignant tumor in striated muscle
  153. rheumatoid arthritis
    autoimmune disorder affecting connective tissue
  154. rickets
    disease of the skeletal system, usually caused by vitamin D deficiency
  155. rigidity
  156. rigor
  157. sciatica
    pain in the lower back, usually radiating down the leg, from a herniated disk or other injury or condition
  158. scoliosis
    abnormal lateral curvature of the spinal column
  159. sequestrum
    piece of dead tissue or bone seperated from the surrounding area
  160. simple fracture
    fracture with no open skin wound
  161. spasm
    sudden, involuntary muscle contraction
  162. spastic
    tending to have spasms
  163. spina bifida
    congenital defect with deformity of the spinal column
  164. spinal curvature
    abnormal curvature of the spine
  165. spondylolisthesis
    degenerative condition in which one vertebra misaligns with the one below it, slipped disk
  166. spondylolysis
    degenerative condition of the moving part of a vertebra
  167. sprain
    injury to a joint without dislocation or fracture. (can involve a ligament). This is worse than a strain and often takes longer to heal than does a fracture and can be more painful.
  168. spur
    bony projection growing out of a bone; calcar
  169. strain
    injury to a muscle as a result of improper use or overuse.
  170. subluxation
    partial dislocation, as between joint surfaces
  171. talipes calcaneus
    deformity of the heel resulting from weakened calf muscles
  172. talipes valgus
    foot deformity characterized by eversion of the foot
  173. talipes varus
    foot deformity characterized by by inversion of the foot
  174. tendinitis, tendonitis
    inflammation of a tendon
  175. tetany
    painfully long muscle contraction
  176. tremor
    abnormal, repetitive muscle contractions
  177. amputation
    cutting off a limb or part of a limb
  178. arthrocentesis
    removal of fluid from a joint with use of a puncture needle
  179. arthrodesis
    surgical fusion of a joint to stiffen it
  180. arthroplasy
    surgical replacement or repair of a joint
  181. bone grafting
    transplantation of bone from one site to another
  182. bunionectomy
    removal of a bunion
  183. bursectomy
    removal of a bursa
  184. casting
    forming of a cast in a mold, placing of fiberglass or plaster over a body part to prevent its movement
  185. external fixation device
    device applied externally to hold a limb in place
  186. internal fixation device
    device, such a a pin, inserted in bone to hold it in place
  187. laminectomy
    removal of part of an intervertebral disk
  188. myoplasty
    surgical repair of muscle tissue
  189. orthosis, orthotic
    external appliance used to immobilize or assist the movement of the spine or limbs
  190. osteoclasis
    breaking of a bone in order to repair or reposition it.
  191. osteoplasty
    surgical replacement or repair of bone
  192. osteotomy
    cutting of bone
  193. prosthetic
    artificial device used as a substitute for a missing or diseased body part
  194. reduction
    return of a part to its normal position
  195. splinting
    applying a splint to immobilize a body part
  196. spondylosyndesis
    fusion of two or more spinal vertebrae
  197. synovectomy
    removal of part or all of a joints synovial membrane
  198. tenotomy
    surgical cutting of a tendon
  199. traction
    dragging or pulling or straightening of something, as a limb, by attachment of elastic or other devices
  200. analegsic
    • to relieve pain...
    • Generic: aspirin, acetaminophen, (NSAIDs are also analgesics)
    • Trade name: bayer, excedrin, and various tylenol and various
  201. anti-inflammatory (corticosteroids)
    • to reduce inflammation...
    • Generic: prednisone (aspirin and NSAIDs also reduce inflammation)
    • Trade name: deltasone, orasone, cortan
  202. muscle relaxant
    • to relieve stiffness...
    • generic: carisopordol, cyclobenzaprine, methocarbamol
    • trade name: soma, flexeril, delaxin, robaxin
  203. NSAIDs
    • to reduce inflammation...
    • Generic: ibuprofen, naproxen, ketorolac, tromethamine, nabutemone
    • Trade name: advil, motrin, naproxyn, toradol(IV), relafen
  204. narcotic
    agent that relieves pain by affectin the body in ways that are similar to opium
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