Inheretance Bio 121

  1. Punnet Square
    A method for determining outcome of inheritence on offspring
  2. Dominant
    • Genes that are dominant over Recessive genes
    • Represented by an Uppercase letter
  3. Recessive
    • Genes that are under Dominant ones.
    • Represented by a Lowercase Letter
  4. Homozygous
    • Contains the same pairs of genes or alleles
    • Ex. RR rr
  5. Heterozygous
    • Contains mixes of pairs of genes or alleles
    • Ex. Rr
  6. Genotype
    • The combination of alleles carried by the individual/organism
    • The "Genetic Code" that is not seen
  7. Phenotype
    The appearance of the individual or organism created from the Genotype
  8. Test Cross
    Cross a Dominant Phenotype to a homozygous recessive to see if the Dominant is Heterozygous or Homozygous
  9. Male Sex Chromosome Vs. Female Sex Chromosome
    • Male has XY
    • Female has X
  10. Incomplete Dominance
    The phenotype of heterozygotes is intermediate between the phenotypes of the homozygotes
  11. Diseases or Disorders are usually_____ genes
  12. Some genetic disorders are caused by____
    • abnormal numbers of autosomes
    • -Probability increases with age of parents
  13. Blood Types
    A,B,AB, O
  14. Antegins
    Located on red blood cells... determines which blood type can be accepted
  15. Antibodies
    • Fight off infections
    • Bond with other types of blood than organisms blood type
    • Ex. is If Tyler has A blood type and receives B blood transfusion, the Antibodies will form bonds with them and create blockage leading to stroke or heartattack
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