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  1. Triple Sugar Iron Agar (TSIA) is a rich medium designed to differentiate bacteria on the basis of...
    • glucose fermentation
    • lactose fermentation
    • sucrsoe fermentation
    • sulfur reduction
  2. in addition to the 3 carbohydrates (glucose, lactose, sucrose) TSIA contains:
    • animal proteins= carbon & nitrogen source
    • ferrous sulfate & sodium thiosulfate= oxidized sulfur
    • phenol red= ph indicator
    • iron in ferrous sulfate= hydrogen sulfide indicator
  3. the incubation period for TSIA is
    • 18-24 hours carbohydrate fermentation
    • 48 hours for hydrogen sulfide reactions
  4. TSIA, glucose is in short supply (0.1%), and will be exhausted w/ in
    12 hours
  5. (TSIA) As the glucose diminishes, the organism located in the aerobic region (slant) will begin to break down available amino acids, producing NH3, and raising PH. what process is this?
    Revision (only occurs in a slant because of anaerobic conditions.)
  6. TSIA & KIA (Kligler Iron Agar) are primarily used to differentiate members of___ and to distinguish them from other ___-_____ rods.
    • Enterobavrtiaceae
    • gram-negative
  7. Yellow slant/Yellow butt- KIA
    glucose and lactose fermentation w/ acid accumulation in slant and butt
  8. Yellow slant/ yellow butt- TSIA
    Glucose and lactose and/or sucrose fermentation w/ acid accumulation in slant and butt
  9. Red slant/ red butt
    glucose fermentation w/ acid production. proteins catabolized aerobically (in the slant) w/ alkaline products (reversion).
  10. red slant/ no change in the butt
    no fermentation. Peptone catabolized aerobically and anaerobically w/ alkaline products. not from enterobaceriacae
  11. no change in slant/ no change in butt
    organism i s growing slowly or not at all. not from enterobacteriaceae
  12. black precipitate in the agar
    sulfur reduction (an acid condition, from fermentation of glucose or lactose, exists in the butt even if the yellow color is obscured by the black precipitate)
  13. cracks in or lifting of agar
    gas production
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