VOCAB lesson 10-12

  1. recant
    to make a formal retraction or disavowal of
  2. abdicate
    to relinquish formally
  3. diminish
    to make smaller or less
  4. abound
    to be great in number or amount
  5. invalid
    being without force in fact, truth, or law
  6. ambivalence
    existence of conflicting ideas
  7. recoup
    to receive an equivalent for; make up for
  8. abnegate
    to deny to oneself; renounce
  9. infinitesimal
    immeasurably tiny
  10. amplitude
    greatness of size; magnitude
  11. invaluable
    of inestimable use or help
  12. avail
    use, benefit, or advantages
  13. renunciation
    the act of giving something up
  14. absolve
    to pronounce clear of blame or guilt
  15. modicum
    a small amount or qunatity
  16. augment
    to make greater, as in size or quantity
  17. prevail
    to be greater in strength or influence
  18. equivalent
    equal in quantity meaning or value
  19. rescind
    to make void; repeal or annul
  20. catharsis
    a purifying cleansing or release of tension
  21. prodigious
    impressively great in size or extent
  22. brevity
    briefness of duration
  23. valedictory
    bidding farewell
  24. evaluation
    act of judging the worth of
  25. waive
    to relinquish or give up
  26. countermand
    to cancel or reverse
  27. quota
    a proportional share assigned to a group
  28. commensurate
    of the same size, extent, or duration
  29. vanquish
    to defeat in a battle or competition
  30. evince
    to show or exhibit as an emotion
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