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  1. Author of The Light that Failed
    Rudyard Kipling
  2. Author of Citadelle
    Antoine de Saint Exupery
  3. Author of The Power and the Glory
    Graham Greene
  4. Author of The White Devil
    John Webster
  5. Who said "If you prick us, do we not bleed?" (and from what play?)
    Shylock (Merchant of Venice)
  6. Jane Austen's last novel
  7. Author of Our Man in Havana
    Graham Greene
  8. Author of Cinna
    Peter Corneille
  9. Author of Arcadia
    Sir Phillip Sydney
  10. Author of Cape Cod
    Henry David Thoreau
  11. Where does Catcher in the Rye take place?
    New York City
  12. Author of White Noise
    Don DeLillo
  13. Eugene de Rastignac appears in this novel
    Pere Goirot
  14. Author of The Heart of the Matter
    Graham Greene
  15. William the Conqueror's father
    Robert the Magnificent
  16. Author of the one-act play A Kind of Alaska
    Harold Pinter
  17. Poet of "The Garden"
    Andrew Marvell
  18. Author of Hudibras
    Samuel Butler
  19. Author of Mao II
    Don DeLillo
  20. In this novel a "whiskey priest" is captured and killed in Mexico
    The Power and the Glory
  21. Author of No Name
    Wilkie Collins
  22. Author of The Haunted Motel
    Wilkie Collins
  23. Author of Armadale
    Wilkie Collins
  24. Author of Basil
    Wilkie Collins
  25. the saxophonist Pablo is in this novel
  26. Author of The Tale of the Fisherman
    Alexander Puskin
  27. Author of The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven (Warriors/Knights)
    Alexander Pushkin
  28. Author of Underworld
    Don DeLillo
  29. Author of Old Times
    Harold Pinter
  30. Arthur Jarvis appears in this novel
    Cry, The Beloved Country
  31. Author of Watch on the Rhine
    Lillian Hellman
  32. his wife was Susan Augusta DeLancey
    James Fenimore Cooper
  33. Protagonist of White Noise
    Jack Gladney
  34. From what poem is the line "This is the forest primeval"
  35. Author of "The Cross of Snow"
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  36. Reverend Stephen Kumalo's son is hung in this novel
    Cry, the Beloved Country
  37. Author of An Unfinished Woman
    Lillian Hellman
  38. Author of "Jewish Cemetery at Newport"
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  39. Rawdon Crawley is in this novel
    Vanity Fair
  40. Miss Jessel appears in this novel
    The Turn of the Screw
  41. Robert Jordan is the protagonist of what novel?
    For Whom the Bell Tolls
  42. Author of "Fear"
    Pablo Neruda
  43. Author of Pentimento
    Lillian Hellman
  44. collaborated with Chester Higgins on Elder Grace
    Maya Angelou
  45. Author of The Autumn Garden
    Lillian Hellman
  46. Lucy Steele is in this novel
    Sense and Sensibility
  47. Author of "On the Pulse of Morning"
    Maya Angelou
  48. Beethoveen's only opera
  49. Lady Murasaki's rival
    Sei Shonagun
  50. Author of Naked Lunch
    William S. Burroughs
  51. Eilert Lovborg is in this play
    Hedda Gabbler
  52. Protagonist (and author of) "A Perfect Day for Bananafish"
    Seymour Glass (J.D. Salinger)
  53. Pistorius Pistorius is in this novel
  54. An Aristophanes play meant to satirize Cleon
    The Knights
  55. Author of Epic of Wheat trilogy
    Frank Norris
  56. Author of The Spook Sonata
    August Strindberg
  57. author of Gather Together in My Name
    Maya Angelou
  58. pubished the essay collection Even the Stars Look Lonesome
    Maya Angelou
  59. James Fenimore Cooper's first novel
  60. author of The Jubilee
    Anton Chekhov
  61. author of Love and Friendship
    Jane Austen
  62. author of The Duchess of Malfi
    John Webster
  63. author of "The Lady with the Lapdog"
    Anton Chekhov
  64. Peter Quint appears in this story
    The Turn of the Screw
  65. author of After Many a Summer Dies the Swan
    Aldous Huxley
  66. author of Miss Lonelyhearts
    Nathaniel West
  67. author of "We Are Many"
    Pablo Neruda
  68. author of "The Magellan Heart"
    Pablo Neruda
  69. author of Elemental Odes
    Pablo Neruda
  70. author The Father
    August Strindberg
  71. author of "The Heights of Machu Picchu"
    Pablo Neruda
  72. author of the play Travesties
    Tom Stoppard
  73. author of Southern Mail, Night Flight
    Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  74. he wrote about Arvid Falk in his first novel Roda Rummet
    August Strindberg
  75. He's a Nobel Laureate from Chile
    Pablo Neruda
  76. Protagonist of The Gambler
    Alexey Ivanovich
  77. She was the model for Nora Charles
    Lillian Hellman
  78. Poet of "The Mower's Song"
    Andrew Marvell
  79. Who are Sense and Sensibility?
    Elinor and Marianne Dashwood
  80. Author of The Quiet American
    Graham Greene
  81. author of Obscene Destinies
    Willa Cather
  82. author of On the Four Fold Root
    Arthur Shopenhauer
  83. author of Beneath the Wheel
    Hermann Hesse
  84. author of A Dream Play
    August Strindberg
  85. Name the three parts of The Epic of Wheat trilogy
    • The Octopus
    • The Pit
    • The Wolf (unfinished)
  86. author of The Shortest Ways with Tories
    Daniel Defoe
  87. author of The Diamond as Big as the Ritz
    F. Scott Fitzgerald
  88. Mary Dalton is in this novel
    Native Son
  89. author of the play St. Thomas A Becket
    T.S. Eliot
  90. author of The Warden
    Anthony Trollope
  91. August Spies gave a speech
    Haymarket Square Riot
  92. Bella Coen's brothel is in this novel
    Eugene Onegin
  93. author of Brighton Rock
    Graham Greene
  94. author of Christabel
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  95. Author of The Tragedian in Spite of Himself
    Anton Chekhov
  96. author of Lionel Lincoln
    James Fenimore Cooper
  97. Yossarian is a member of this
    Fighting 256th Squadron
  98. Author of The Pilot
    James Fenimore Cooper
  99. author of Running Dog
    Don DeLillo
  100. Chiswick Mall is in this novel
    Vanity Fair
  101. author of Lucy Gayheart
    Willa Cather
  102. Lord Steyne is in this novel
    Vanity Fair
  103. He committed suppoku on TV
    Mishima Yukio
  104. author of On Cannibals
  105. the author of Miss Julie comes from this country
  106. author of Motley Tales
    Anton Chekhov
  107. wrote the essay "The Novel Demeuble"
    Willa Cather
  108. Joe Christmas is the protagonist of this novel
    Light in August
  109. author of "A Dreary Story"
    Anton Chekhov
  110. author of "The Man Who Lived Underground"
    Richard Wright
  111. Czar during the Crimean War
    Alexander II
  112. In this novel, Snowden dies
  113. Sergeant Troy is in this novel
    Far From the Madding Crowd
  114. author of The Woman in White
    Wilkie Collins
  115. Emil Sinclair is in this novel
  116. author of The Pathfinder
    James Fenimore Cooper
  117. Author of The Outsider
    Richard Wright
  118. author of Damascus trilogy
    August Strindberg
  119. National epic of Portugal
  120. author of The Black Robe
    Wilkie Collins
  121. What novel does "quark" come from?
    Finnegan's Wake
  122. Author of The Matchmaker
    Thorton Wilder
  123. Auhtor of The Merchant of Yonkers
    Thorton Wilder
  124. author of The Room
    Harold Pinter
  125. author of No Man's Land
    Harold Pinter
  126. author of The Temple of the Golden Pavillion
    Mishima Yukio
  127. author of The Watsons and Lady Susan
    Jane Austen
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