Chapter 1 / Study Section 4

  1. Hypochondriac
    Right and left upper regions
  2. Epigastric
    Middle upper region
  3. Lumbar
    Right and left middle regions
  4. Umbilical
    Central region
  5. Inguinal
    Right and left lower regions
  6. Hypogastric
    Middle lower region
  7. RUQ
    Right upper quadrant
  8. LUQ
    Lower upper quadrant
  9. RLQ
    Right lower quadrant
  10. LLQ
    Left lower quadrant
  11. Cervical
    Neck region (C1 to C7)
  12. Thoracic
    Chest region (T1 to T12)
  13. Lumbar
    Loin (waist) region (L1 to L5)
  14. Sacral
    Region of the sacrum (S1 to S5)
  15. Coccygeal
    Region of the coccyx (tailbone)
  16. Vertebra
    Single backbone
  17. Vertebrea
  18. Spinal Column
    Bone tissue surrounding the spinal cavity
  19. Spinal Cord
    Nervous tissue within the spinal cavity
  20. Disk (Disc)
    Pad of cartilige between vertebrae
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Chapter 1 / Study Section 4
Chapter 1 / Study Section 4