1. What is joints?
    Any point where bone meet, moveable or not. Type-classified by the manner in which adjacent bones are bound to each other.
  2. What is Arthrology?
    The science of joint structure, function, and dysfunction
  3. What is Synostosis (Bony Joint)?
    Joint formed when the space bw two bones or more bones ossify to becomes a single immoveable bone.

    Example: frontal and mandibular bones, growth plates of long bones, first rib + sternum
  4. What is Synarthrosis (Fibrous Joint)?
    Neighboring bones are bound together by collagen fibers (fibers emerge from one, penetrate into another)

    IE: Sutures, Gomphoses, Syndemoses
  5. What is Sutures?
    Immoveable or only slightly moveable joints binding bones of the skull.

    • Three Types:
    • Serrate, Lap (squamous), Plane (butt)
  6. What is Gomphoses?
    Teeth attached to jaw bone and allows for some minor movement.
  7. What is Syndesmoses?
    • Longer collagen fibers;
    • Allow for greater motility of bones

    • Distal ends of Fibula and Tibia
    • Bwn shafts of Radius and Ulna
  8. What is Amphiarthrosis (Cartilaginous Joint)?
    Two bones are linked together by cartilage.

    • Synchondroses
    • Symphyses
  9. What is Synchondroses?
    Bones are bound together by hyaline cartilage.

    Growth plates
  10. What is Symphyses?
    Bones are bound by fibrocartilage.

    • Pubic Symphysis
    • Bwn bodies of vertebrae
  11. What is Synovial Joints?
    • Consists of two bones with facing surfaces covered by articular (hyaline) cartilage, separated by a joint cavity containing synovial fluid. Fluid is enclosed by a joint capsule. All is surrounded by inner synovial membrane and outer fibrous capsule.
    • In some, fibrocartilage grows inward across the entire joint and forms a pad bwn the bones (articular disk).
    • In some, this growth does not cross the entire joint (meniscus).
  12. What is Snyovial Fluid?
    • -Albumin and Hyaluronic Acid (HLA)
    • -Nourishes articular cartilage, removes waste, and reduces fricition within these joints
    • -Contained within a bursa or tendon sheath.
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