Chapter 1 / Study Section 3

  1. List the five body cavities?
    • Cranial
    • Thoracic
    • Abdominal
    • Pelvic
    • Spinal
  2. Abdominal cavity
    Space below wthe chest containing organs such as the liver, stomach, gallbladder, and intestines; also called the abdomin.
  3. Cranial cavity
    Space in the head containing the brian and surrounded by the skull.
  4. Diaphragm
    Muscle separating the abdominal and thoracic cavities.
  5. Dorsal (posterior)
    Pertaining to the back
  6. Mediastinum
    Centrally located space between the lungs
  7. Pelvic cavity
    Space below the abdomen containing portions of the intestines, rectum, urinary bladder, and reproductive organs.
  8. Peritoneum
    Double-layered membrane surrounding the abdominal organs
  9. Pleura
    Double-layered membrane surrounding each lung
  10. Pleural cavity
    Space between the pleural mambranes
  11. Spinal cavity
    Space within the spinal column (backbones) and containing the spinal cord
  12. Thoracic cavity
    Space in the chest containing the heart, lungs, bronchial tubes, trachea, esophgus, and other organs
  13. Ventral (anterior)
    Pertaining to the front
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Chapter 1 / Study Section 3
Chapter 1 / Study Section 3